Meet Tammi Bishop

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, Tammi Bishop has always loved food, fashion, and finding beauty in unique places and spaces. Both of her parents were raised on farms, which taught Tammi an appreciation for all things home-grown, and frequent post-church shopping trips with her mother on Sundays gave Tammi an opportunity to explore new fashion trends and develop a fresh perspective on style.

Tammi began her career in retail fashion, but before long she was drawn to the world of media, and made the transition to radio and television. After working as a marketing specialist for local broadcast affiliates, she decided to launch her own advertising firm, which allowed her to keep a schedule that prioritized her three growing children.

While scouting for a pair of shoes one afternoon, Tammi discovered The Scout Guide, and it was love at first sight. For her, the most appealing aspects of helming TSG Omaha are the endless opportunities to meet new people and learn about their journeys in business. She finds it enormously exciting to create something that illuminates the best that Omaha has to offer.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Tammi’s life is filled with family, life-long friendships, and adventures. When she is not engaged in the ever-evolving local scene, she enjoys traveling the globe and experiencing other cultures and people.

Tami’s Favorite Reasons to Visit

Reason 1

The people: Omaha is one of the friendliest cities in the world. Strangers talk to each other, and it’s small enough that everyone you meet is friends with someone you know. Keep your eyes open—you could encounter Warren Buffett at an ice cream store or run into director Alexander Payne at the club pool.

Reason 2

The food: First of all, I have to mention that we have the best beef in the country. There are so many fabulous restaurants in Omaha, and in the Midwest, local farm-to-table is a way of life for many talented chefs. We are home to one of greenest restaurants in the country (Grey Plume), and the famous Rueben Sandwich was invented at a local hotel called The Blackstone.

Reason 3

The destinations: Omaha is home to one of the world’s best zoos—the Henry Doorly Zoo attracts millions of visitors each year. Boys Town, Lauritzen Gardens, Joslyn Art Museum, Fontenelle Forest, and The Durham are also nationally-recognized attractions in our city. Tens of thousands of investors make an annual pilgrimage to the Berkshire Hathaway in the spring, and teams from around the country play here in the College World Series, an event about which Omaha is very proud!

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  “Spend your life investigating the wonders and beauty that are all around you. Remember no matter how rich or poor, the beauty will be there if you look for it.” —Danny Boylan, artist and Bishop family friend