Meet Kerry Goldstein

Kerry began her career in Dallas, where she worked in the publishing business helping small, minority, and women-owned firms across the U.S. promote their businesses to Fortune 100 firms with strong supplier diversity programs. Next, she entered the education industry with a primary focus on digital marketing in the test prep, K-12 publishing, and online program management spaces. Kerry also produced large-scale immersive conferences and events, globally showcasing the latest in high-tech innovations at CES and abroad. “I’ve had titles ranging from marketing director and managing editor to event producer and chief marketing officer. Being editor and owner of The Scout Guide Oklahoma City brings all the roles I have loved most in my career together—especially sharing stories of successful companies and building a strong, community-centered network,” says Kerry, who relocated to Oklahoma City during the COVID pandemic.

Oklahoma City had been a second home to Kerry ever since her sister moved to the city nearly 30 years ago. What she loves most about this ever-evolving area is its rich history of entrepreneurship and spirit of fellowship. “The community really embraces the concept of buying local and supporting local business, and everyone is happy to refer a business for any need you might have. I always tell visitors about our unique neighborhood districts and all they have to offer,” she says. “The Paseo District, Plaza District, Western Avenue, the Asian District, Midtown, Uptown: each of these districts has a personality and lifestyle of its own with one-of-a-kind businesses and historic buildings. All this, along with our beautiful new Scissortail Park, sets Oklahoma City apart. It’s a wonderful place to visit.”

A group of friends and former colleagues once gifted Kerry with a plaque saying, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?,” which has been a guiding principle for her ever since. “To me this saying means that making the decision to forge a new path for yourself may be scary, but it is really about what you learn (and who you meet) on the journey that matters. It takes a lot of courage to launch your own company, and I am constantly blown away by the amazing entrepreneurs in Oklahoma City. I am so grateful for their support and the opportunity to share these exciting success stories in The Scout Guide OKC.”

Kerry’s Favorite Reasons to Visit

Reason 1

Scissortail Park. A national and regional award-winning jewel in the heart of downtown OKC. Go for concerts, the night market, the food trucks, or just for a fun day in the sunshine.

Reason 2

The neighborhood districts. OKC is home to multiple districts, each with its own flair and all boasting great restaurants, shopping, art, music, murals, and much more. It’s a great way to see and support local businesses.

Reason 3

The diversity. Our city is home to some of the kindest people with heritage from all over the world. Come experience all the diversity OKC has to offer.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”