Vintage Ocala Part 1

One of the most popular home trends that rose out of the pandemic has been a collective appreciation for all things vintage and nostalgic. We seem to be longing for home décor and furnishings that have history and tell a story. Whether refurbishing our own family’s treasures or scouring local vintage shops, people are turning away from big box, mass-produced merchandise to items that surround us with connection, emotion and meaning. Ocala and the small towns that dot our outskirts is a treasure trove of vintage boutiques, thrift stores and antique shops. While Micanopy and Mount Dora have long been the super stars of this genre in Central Florida, Ocala is quickly becoming a contender. Here we explore just a small group of the many local vintage merchants.    


The Mustard Seed Collection – Your Unique Vintage Destination

A vintage store that is a must see and mainstay in the downtown shopping experience.  A unique collection of jewelry, candles, fine antiques, apparel and upscale painted furniture. They take commissioned orders for custom painted furniture and have one of the largest collections of milk paint in a wide variety of colors. 

The Mustard Seed Collection

White Elephant  – “It’s the Thrill of the Hunt” 

Jennifer Townsend is a native Ocalan and a legend in the downtown community. It’s likely that just about every home in Ocala has at least one item from Jenn’s constantly revolving inventory. In addition to the main store at 120 South Magnolia, she also has the bright turquoise blue warehouse building located a block south at 221 South Magnolia. In fact, this building was her great Uncle’s Gulf filling station back the 40’s and 50”s.  I asked her what she looks for when buying merchandise for her store, and the answer is a reoccurring one throughout this article “I use my instincts, buy what I like, what is unusual, and that I have never seen before”.  She mostly buys from private individuals, but also never passes up a flea market and “side of the road” treasures. Jennifer lives with her two dogs Bamboo and Peco, and is awaiting her second grandchild.

White Elephant

Tumbleweed  – “Buying and Selling Great Stuff”

PJ and Marlin Jamrock are longtime Ocala residents and owners of their vintage shop located at 122 South Magnolia Ave.  They are raising their three children, Jackson 14, Gavin 13 and little Addie (Miss Tumbleweed) who is 5 years old all the while operating a thriving local business.  PJ explains how they started their shop; “I was caring for my elderly Grandmother who was an avid collector and I needed a place to put all this stuff! Combined with the recession which made thrift and second hand shopping, not only popular, but necessary”.  A very entrepreneurial idea indeed! In addition to the shop on South Magnolia, they also operate several warehouses by appointment. You can find them on Instagram @tumbleweed_of_ocala