Capturing Memories: The NWA Photo Booth Experience for Unforgettable Events

Women in photographed posing in two back to back photo booths with lighting.

Welcome to the exclusive behind-the-scenes look at ‘Creating Memorable Moments: NWA Photo Booth’s Event Magic,’ where cherished memories are captured with a click, flash, and smile. At NWA Photo Booth, the art of the perfect memento is more than just a snapshot—it’s an immersive experience tailored to each client, ensuring that every event is unforgettable. Join us as we delve into the world of NWA Photo Booth, a cornerstone in event entertainment that transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary.

NWA Photo Booth is known for adding a fun twist to events. What’s the secret to creating an unforgettable photo booth experience?

The secret is TRULY the customer service that is provided BEFORE the event begins, during, and after. We provide exceptional service, a fully customizable experience in terms of the clients’ prints or digital photos as well as their attraction screen, backdrops, props, etc. We believe that the service the client receives is the secret ingredient to an unforgettable experience because that service pours over into the guests’ experience as well. 

With the rise of digital photo sharing, how does NWA Photo Booth keep the classic photo booth experience fresh and exciting?

We provide the option of having BOTH! Guests LOVE receiving the actual print out of their photos. It’s nostalgic; bringing that good-ol’ 1990s mall feel back into it with your besties. The best part is being able to print your photos AND send them to your phone via text, email, or airdrop. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s a surprise to some when they see their photo printed since we do live in a digital world, receiving that tangible printed image keeps guests excited and in the booth for the entire event usually! 

5 photo booth photo cards that read 'party' with the black and white images per card.

Can you share a particularly creative or unique way a client has used your photo booth to elevate their event?

Clients have used the photo booth at brand open houses as a marker for a scavenger hunt. The booth was in a specific room that the client wanted their guests to venture into. In that room, they were supposed to take a photo with the booth, check that off of the bingo card, essentially, and move to the next room. The cool part is, that they are able to share it on social media and the image is branded to the company. So, when the image is shared it is brand exposure for the company that hired us while also promoting the clients and guests to tour their facilities!

What are some of the most popular themes or props you’ve seen, and how do you cater to these trends?

FLOWER WALLS. I will die on this hill that flower walls are one of the MOST used backdrops we have. They add some texture to the venue, something more unique and eye catching that brings more personality and AH! factor to the event. We have 6 flower walls and our most popular is the Vision in White, which is an 8X8 dense white rose flower wall. As for props, I’m probably going to get some backlash here, but we are PICKY on props and don’t offer anything that would be considered cheesy. We think the BEST props are 100% YOUR personality. By omitting props, we see the guests’ fun side emerge tenfold. It prompts creativity and connection.  We value that. 

Could you tell us about a time when the photo booth became the life of the party and any memorable moments that ensued?

My very good friend, Aly England, who owns Aly England Photography (@AlyEnglandPhotography & had NWA Photo Booth at their wedding in October of 2021. It’s one of those wedding days I just won’t forget. There were so many of the people I went to school with and they were all cheesing so big in the photo booth. NWA Photo Booth was such a hit that even the DJ had to get on the mic and beg people to come back to the dance floor. It doesn’t sound like much, but that booth stayed hot all night. There is just something about gathering all your favorite people in one place and making memories. You want those moments to last and NWA Photo Booth lets them.

What’s on the horizon for NWA Photo Booth? Any new features or technologies we should be on the lookout for?

We have been encouraging large events to gravitate more toward our 360 booth we have added to our collection! Beyond that, we have an INCREDIBLE DSLR photo booth that is not featured on our website yet. It’s highly sought after due to its photo capabilities. It uses the same type of camera that I would use to photograph a wedding. The images are crystal clear and come with a gallery post event that you can share with your guests in case they want to print after the party too. Some people refer to it as our GLAM booth; it’s just the most top-notch and luxurious booth on the market right now. We are very proud of it and know that it will bring the most to any event that values quality.

As for our 360, we have a few things up our sleeve to enhance that entire experience, but I don’t want to say too much yet since it’s still in the works. I’ll just say, it’s going to be double the fun.

We’re excited to continue showcasing the dynamic experiences NWA Photo Booth brings to events. Keep an eye on what’s next for them throughout the coming year by staying connected on Instagram. To discover how NWA Photo Booth can elevate your next event with their innovative features and exceptional service, connect with them here – and remember, let them know The Scout Guide sent you!