Eclipse Excitement: Where to Watch While Safeguarding Your Eyesight

You’ve probably heard the buzz – the eclipse is on its way! While everyone’s discussing the best viewing spots (which we’ve got covered, by the way), no one is talking about how to do it safely. We caught up with Allyson Mertins of Mertins Eye & Optical to learn how to enjoy this rare celestial event while safeguarding your eyesight – read her top tips below:

  1. Don’t look at the sun without approved eclipse glasses. The only safe way to view a partially eclipsed sun is through eclipse glasses or viewers that meet international standard ISO 12312-2. Ordinary
    sunglasses, glasses, unfiltered telescopes, and polarizing filters are not safe.
  2. Put your eclipse glasses on before looking at the sun, then look away before removing them. If you ordinarily wear eyeglasses, put the eclipse glasses on over your regular glasses.
  3. If and only if you are in the path of totality, you can briefly remove your eclipse glasses during totality (when the moon completely blocks the sun), but it’s important to put the eclipse glasses back on before the sun begins to reappear. Northwest Arkansas is NOT in the path of totality, so keep your eclipse glasses on.
  4. If you have children, please educate them in advance about the importance of safe viewing and carefully monitor their use of eclipse glasses.
  5. If you experience vision problems after viewing the eclipse, see your eye doctor immediately.

Best Spots for Eclipse Viewing and Celestial Celebration

  • Fayetteville Tacos & Tamale will be hosting an eclipse party on their patio, with Mertin’s supplying eclipse glasses
  • The Ledger – there will be a members-only watch party, but non-members are more than welcome to use the ramps for eclipse viewing! Interested in becoming a Ledger member?
  • Eclipse Food Festival – Mount Sequoyah will be hosting an eclipse food festival with local food trucks on site
  • Terra Studios will also be hosting an Eclipse viewing party with crafts and fun things to enjoy during the celestial event
  • The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks will also be hosting an Eclipse Party on their lawn – the perfect spot to watch from
  • Ozark Natural Foods will be hosting a watch party, complete with specialty beer, taproom drinks, chalk drawing, and popcorn!
  • Ahead of the celestial shift, visit Loloft for cosmic alignment and pre-solar Eclipse Yin Yoga with Cocoon Yoga Lab!

Hosting your own eclipse gathering? Check in with Shindig Paperie and Presley Paige as they have an assortment of space-y, celestial celebration necessities. A disco ball is basically a moon, right? Another eclipse party must-have is a special eclipse-themed brew from Little Rock’s Lost 40 “Ar’ Clipse of the Heart” – they only made 800 cases. Happy Eclipse-ing!!

Presley Paige - Eclipse Party Supplies