Protecting Young Hearts: A Glimpse into the Children's Safety Center's Inspiring Mission

The Children's Safety Center's new facility in Springdale Arkansas lit up in the evening with colorful handprints of the many children they have served

Join us in this exclusive Q&A with Emily Rappe Fisher, Director of Development at the Children’s Safety Center, as we dive into their mission and talk about their expansion. Discover their innovative approaches and projects aimed at safeguarding children and healing young hearts.

In looking ahead to the upcoming year, could you shed light on any innovative approaches or projects the Children’s Safety Center has in the pipeline to further advance its mission of safeguarding children and healing young hearts?

Now that we’ve settled into our new facility, we’re able to extend our support to an even greater number of children affected by abuse and their families. Among the enhancements we’ve introduced is an enriched mental health program, complete with a therapeutic playground. Welcoming a valuable addition to our team, Cramer, our facility dog, serves as our Director of Snuggles, accompanying children in therapy sessions, creating a comforting and supportive environment.

Additionally, our community training room is a multifunctional space not only for child abuse prevention trainings but also serves as a versatile meeting space for various community gatherings. We’re committed to creating an inclusive environment that fosters education, prevention, and support for our community.

In these challenging times, what message of hope and encouragement would you like to convey to our readers about the resilience of the Children’s Safety Center and the enduring importance of their involvement and support in nurturing the well-being of our community’s youngest members?

Our Healing the Future campaign began in August 2019 with a vision to create a larger haven for healing and support for our children. Despite the unforeseen challenges brought by the pandemic, our spirit remained unbroken, and today, we stand together in this beautiful new space dedicated to nurturing the well-being of our young ones.

From the initial struggle to the triumphant moment of moving in on October 30th, we have witnessed the transformative power of resilience. Our children exemplify this resilience daily as they bravely navigate the path to healing from the shadows of child abuse.

Since opening our new doors, we have provided immediate services to over 85 child abuse victims, offering them a safe space to find solace and strength. Yet, the journey continues, and we rely on the unwavering support of our community to sustain this resilience. As more children walk through our doors every day, the community’s continued support becomes the bedrock of their healing journey and ensures that every child has the support they need to overcome the challenges they face.

Could you share some inspiring stories that highlight the positive transformations and bright futures the Children’s Safety Center has helped create for child abuse victims and their families in our community? – This is from one of our child advocates. If you need to remove sexual you can. Also if you want a different story I can provide one.

A client came to the center after she disclosed that she was being sexually abused by a peer at school. Our CSC advocate met with her and her mother, who was emotionally distraught. After the child began her forensic interview, the advocate met with the mom who told her that she was a survivor of sexual assault herself, and was scared that her daughter would carry the trauma that she had her entire life. She said that she didn’t think therapy would benefit her daughter, again worrying that it would continue to traumatize her. The CSC advocate listened to the mother, validated her concerns, and offered immediate crisis intervention. When she was in a better headspace, the child’s advocate began to work on addressing her and her daughter’s needs. With help from a therapist on staff, we explained the process of TF-CBT (trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy) and how it helps children work through trauma without adding extra burden. We offered to advocate for her daughter’s safety at school by calling the administration on her behalf and making sure that the proper support and services were available. Finally, we connected her with appropriate resources in the area to work through her own trauma and continue to show her daughter strength. A week after her initial visit, the child’s advocate called the mother to check in, and update her on our progress with the school administration. The mother thanked us, and told us that this news would help her and her daughter feel assured that school would be a safe place. She also informed that she would like her daughter to see a therapist at the CSC, and was feeling optimistic about the future for her daughter knowing that all of this support would have helped her during her own sexual assault years ago. Both the mother and her daughter have a long way to go, but the CSC has given her the tools to begin healing from her trauma.

Reflecting on the collaborative efforts aimed at preventing child abuse and aiding young survivors, what are some of the most promising and uplifting outcomes that you’ve witnessed in your work?

In collaborative child abuse investigations, a dedicated team comprising the Children’s Safety Center, local law enforcement, prosecutors, the Department of Human Services, Homeland Security, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations converges to form a cohesive and highly skilled multidisciplinary team. This collective effort is aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of children who may be victims of abuse.

By joining forces, this multidisciplinary team works seamlessly on child abuse investigations, ensuring that no child’s needs go unaddressed and that none fall through the cracks. This collaborative approach is pivotal in providing comprehensive outcomes and streamlining the investigative process to better serve local child abuse victims.

Beyond investigations, the CSC team extends its impact into schools and communities, actively engaging in child abuse prevention education. This proactive outreach not only addresses immediate concerns but also fosters a culture of awareness and protection within the broader community. Together, they are committed to safeguarding children and fostering a supportive environment that actively prevents child abuse.

As we approach the end of the year, can you paint a hopeful picture of the impact our readers’ support can have on the lives of these resilient children? How will their contributions contribute to a brighter tomorrow?

Every child that walks through the doors of the Children’s Safety Center leaves behind a colorful handprint, a testament to their bravery and hope. Behind every handprint lies a unique story, and at the heart of these narratives are our cherished donors—the unsung heroes behind these handprints.

Our community’s generosity serves as the bedrock of our endeavors, guaranteeing that every child has the opportunity to tell their story and embark on a journey of healing. Regrettably, the persistent challenge of child abuse persists, evident in the escalating number of young lives we are called upon to support each passing year.

Yet, thanks to the unwavering support of our donors, we can provide essential resources—free medical examinations and therapeutic interventions—that illuminate the path toward a brighter future. Together, we meticulously peel away layers of trauma, fostering resilience and hope in the lives of those we serve.

Beyond financial support, how can our caring community members actively participate in the Children’s Safety Center’s mission, and what positive changes can they help bring about in the lives of the children you serve?

We consistently rely on the support of our community members who passionately champion our cause within their peer circles, workplaces, and community organizations. Their commitment involves disseminating the message that we stand ready to make a positive impact on the lives of children. This support takes various forms, including donation drives featuring needs lists on our website and the dedicated efforts of fundraising and event planning committees. For more information, visit

The Children’s Safety Center’s resilience and impact on our community’s youngest members are truly remarkable. If you’re inspired by their mission, there are several ways to get involved. Consider donating to support their vital work or volunteering your time to make a difference in the lives of these resilient children. Your contribution can help light the way toward a brighter tomorrow for them. Let’s explore their inspiring journey together and take action to safeguard our community’s future.