Crafting Success: Amy Keever's Innovative Vision Books

Artist Amy Keever with her personal Vision Book wearing colorful top with poofy pink fuzz ball earrings

In the heart of Downtown Bentonville, artist Amy Keever weaves her creative magic, not only through her vibrant artworks at the Amy Keever Gallery but also within the pages of her innovative “Vision Books.” These bespoke creations are more than mere goal-setting tools; they are a reflection of Amy’s artistic journey, offering a tangible way to visualize and pursue one’s ambitions. Join us as we explore the intersection of art and aspiration, revealing how Amy’s “Vision Books” inspire and organize both personal and professional milestones.

Amy, could you tell us about the inspiration behind your “Vision Book” and what sparked this innovative practice?

The idea came from a book where someone used an accordion-style scrapbook for goal-setting. However, I found it disorganized and ineffective for me. I’ve tried vision boards but felt they became part of the background after a while. I craved something that married the visual appeal of my ambitions with written goals, inspirational quotes, and affirmations.

How has the portability of your “Vision Book” enhanced your focus on your goals?

Its compact size is perfect for travel, yet it unfolds to display extensive content when needed. It’s always with me, whether I’m on the road or reviewing my goals over a meal, unlike a conventional vision board.

Could you describe the dynamic between imagery and text in your “Vision Book” and how this aids your goal-setting?

As an artist, and truly for anyone, it’s crucial to organize thoughts in a way that resonates personally. My book’s visual side allows for unrestricted creative expression, while the written section houses structured goals and plans. It feels like a conversation between the creative right brain and the analytical left brain.

Why do you prefer a book format for your vision and goals over a traditional vision board?

“The book format brings clarity and allows me to spot trends in my behavior and artistic style more effectively.”

Can you outline the structure of your “Vision Book”? What kind of content populates the visual and written halves?

“My Vision Book is a condensed version of the wisdom I’ve gleaned from various thought leaders, tailored to my understanding. Visually, it’s eclectic—sketches, art, or any image that resonates. The written side begins with my vision statement and progresses to include affirmations, successes, brainstorming ideas, and goals ranging from long-term to weekly, with pockets for flexibility.”

How do you document successes to counteract negative self-talk?

I’m my toughest critic. Jack Canfield suggests daily success noting, even for mundane tasks, to foster a positive flow. This physical record becomes invaluable over the years, showcasing progress that counters any inner doubt.

image of young girl with piercing and deeply reflective eyes

What’s an example of a visual in your “Vision Book” that later revealed its relevance to your goals?

A striking photo of a child inspired me to pursue painting and sculpting little girls, something I had been hesitant about. Placing that image on my book’s cover confronted me daily until I embraced the challenge.

How does creating a “Vision Book” differ from other goal-setting methods?

It bridges the gap between visual boards and written goals, starting intuitively and remaining flexible, which keeps me aligned with my true intentions.

What foundational advice do you offer to those starting their own “Vision Books”?

Read widely, learn from leaders, and then just begin. It’s like art—you have to be willing to start poorly to improve. Remember John C. Maxwell’s words, ‘Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.’

Could you share an unexpected outcome from using “Vision Books”?

My Vision Book serves as a form of meditation, especially when self-doubt creeps in. It’s a tangible reminder of my journey, my growth, and the reasons behind my actions. It’s simple yet profoundly grounding and encourages me to continue striving for my personal best and contributing to the greater good.

As the final brushstroke settles on our engaging dialogue with artist Amy Keever, the narrative of her “Vision Books” continues to inspire. From the walls of the Amy Keever Gallery in Downtown Bentonville to the intimate spreads of her crafted books, Amy encourages us all to paint our futures with intention and clarity. To experience the transformative power of “Vision Books” and witness Amy’s artistry in person, step into her gallery, visit her site and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Let the creative vision of Amy Keever guide you to a life where goals are not just envisioned but vividly brought to life.