Marquee Magic: Illuminating Events with Alpha-Lit's Custom Letters

Marquee Letters reading SCOUT IS OUT

When Emily Swanson launched Alpha-Lit, she brought a new light to Northwest Arkansas’s event scene. Her company doesn’t just brighten venues; it ignites imaginations, turning every occasion into a luminous spectacle. Whether it’s the bold declaration of a couple’s love at their wedding or a corporate event spelled out in towering, brilliant letters, Alpha-Lit’s marquees are more than decor—they are a declaration of celebration.

With Emily at the helm, Alpha-Lit has set a standard for custom marquee event trends in NWA, becoming the go-to for those seeking to make a statement. From creating Instagram-worthy backdrops to adding a personalized touch that resonates with each client, Alpha-Lit has redefined what it means to celebrate with light.

What inspired you to start Alpha-Lit, and how does your business light up the events in Northwest Arkansas?

I was inspired to open Alpha-Lit by my fascination with the event space and wanting to bring something new and unique to the area. The idea of adding marquee letters for branding at corporate events and providing an immediate photo opportunity at weddings, parties, showers, and birthdays was exciting. With our 3 foot tall letters and 4 foot tall numbers we are able to stack the marquees 2 levels for even more of a WOW factor. 

V7 marquee letters launch party Alpha Lit

Can you share with us the most memorable word or phrase you’ve lit up at an event and the story behind it?

Our first wedding install is one of our most memorable, spelling out “LET’S GET RYAL’D UP!” at Crystal Bridges. Amanda Reed (@amandareedweddings) had reached out to see if we would be up for the challenge of setting this up during a flip where all of the vendors would be flipping the ceremony space into the reception. We still hear from guests who snapped pictures next to the marquees, and the “LET’S GET RYAL’D UP!” saying was a special nod to the groom’s friends, adding a unique and personal touch to the celebration. 

How do you stay ahead of event trends, and what’s your process for creating custom experiences with your marquee letters?

Constantly researching event trends, attending venue open houses and working closely with event planners and our vendor community. I absolutely love collaborating with vendors in Northwest Arkansas and have found that staying ahead of trends happens by working together to create next level events for our clients. 

What’s the most unusual or challenging setup you’ve encountered, and how did you shine through the challenge?

Sorority Bid Day at the University is a marathon of installs for us. The last two years this has included installing DELTA DELTA DELTA on the balcony of the Tri Delta house. Making a site visit prior to the event day ensured we ready to roll upon arrival. It looked phenomenal with Presley Paige decking the letters out with balloons. 

Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming features or special letters that clients can look forward to?

COLORS! We are able to customize events even more by adding color to the letters. We have always been able to add colored bulbs, but now, if your event has a theme and needs a pop of color outside of white letters, we can make that happen. 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to make a bold statement at their event with lighting décor?

Have fun with it! Consider the layout of your event and what pictures you want to see on social media, because we can almost guarantee guests won’t be able to resist sharing!

As Alpha-Lit continues to cast a warm glow on celebrations across Northwest Arkansas, we’re eager to see the innovative ways Emily Swanson will light up the future of event styling. Follow their journey into the new year and beyond by connecting with them on Instagram. To infuse your next occasion with the enchanting ambiance of Alpha-Lit’s custom marquee letters, reach out to them here. Don’t forget to mention The Scout Guide sent you for that extra sparkle.