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Follow along as I take you through a day in Fayetteville, filled with my favorite spots, delicious bites, and moments of relaxation.

6am: I’m up! I like to start my day with either a meditation (I love the Calm app!) or deep stretching. I got dressed super early this morning to get out the door, but wanted to share my OOTD with goods from Darcy Apparel and Clothe Boutique – love them both!

Flan holding spring flowers with The Scout Guide Northwest Arkansas tote

8am: After picking some fresh spring flowers out back, I would usually have breakfast at home then go for a morning walk around the neighborhood, but it’s a busy day! So I’m treating myself to the Arsaga’s drive through and I can’t wait. They have my absolute favorite on-the-go breakfast: a tasty biscuit egg sandwich with an iced sport tea – perfection.

Arsaga's Drive through spring wall
Iced Sport Tea

9am: I started my day with a client meeting at the Fayetteville Public Library, then strolled around after dropping off my finished books. I LOVE hanging out in the library – they have such amazing programming for folks looking to learn a new skill, families looking to spend a day surrounded by stories, and weekly yoga classes. I especially love the third floor lounge as you can spy on the bees and rooftop flowers while getting lost in a book. Love the FPL! 

Bee's at the Fayetteville Public Library

10am: After my morning meeting I decide to work from PH Alchemy for a bit, catching up on emails. I love working from here since it’s usually quiet and cozy, plus a great vibe! Between planning the rest of my week, I stopped by Presley Paige checking out their new spring, then waved at the Pink Fern – who will be opening soon! 

Pink House Alchemy lounging
Presley Paige spring decor

12pm: For lunch I was craving something super fresh, so I decided on Hail Fellow Well Met – SUCH a great lunch spot for meeting with friends or just hanging out! I also love Well Met in the spring and summer as they have a great covered outdoor patio. Fingers crossed for warmer weather!

Hail Fellow Well Met lunch

2pm: After my post-lunch walk, I felt like a TSG fairy dropping off Volume 8 to some of my favorites! I stopped by new shop Signora Solare Vintage to share the TSG love, but also to try on a few funky finds – I may or may not have snagged some goodies!

Signora Solare Vintage selection

5:30pm: It was an early dinner so that we could enjoy the restaurant week special at Leverett Lounge! OF COURSE we got the KFC bites, tried the pork belly (10/10), and snacked on some tasty veggie apps. I love their shrub mocktail (made with in-house syrup!) – promise you’ll try it the next time you go!

Leverett Lounge restaurant week special - KFC bites

7pm: After scanning my inbox and signing off, I decide to take a sauna to wrap the day. We LOVE our at-home sauna and wellness area, built by the incredible Rift Customs. Sauna is such a great way to wind down after a long day, plus the health benefits are truly unmatched.

Rift Custom at-home sauna

9pm: I’m excited to dig into the book I picked up from Pearl’s Bookstore on The Square – but I’m pretty sleepy, so an early bedtime might be *in the books*.

I hope that you enjoyed this glimpse into my day around Fayetteville!
Until next time, XX – Flan

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