What To Wear When Traveling To New Orleans

Mardi Gras Lunch in New Orleans
Lunch at Antoine’s is a dressy affair. Ashley Morgan is pictured in a dress from Aria Baton Rouge, with Lynn and Taylor Morgan in dresses from Peony in New Orleans. 

Spring travel season is upon us, and it is the busiest time in New Orleans. Every time I travel somewhere I find myself googling, “What to wear to [destination]” The content I find never quite seems to be my style, and I may not be yours, but if you’re following The Scout Guide, then I’d imagine we’re somewhat in co-hoots. From festivals, business meetings, college tours, and weddings, there are so many great reasons to come to our city. Here’s my attempt to help you with what to wear in New Orleans.


Magazine Street Shopping

Sundresses! They are easy to pair with a jean jacket or a sweater when you step inside to the air condition. If you plan to shop-til-you-drop, we recommend sneakers for walking the six mile stretch of local businesses found on Magazine Street, and coffee as an accessory, until its time to drop for the glass of wine. Below, Isabel is wearing locally designed and made Nola Couture dress. Taylor is wearing Sunshine Tienda, a brand that’s always vacation ready.


New Orleans Jazz Festival

Sun dresses, shorts, sneakers, and a cross body purse can get you through it all. New Orleans restaurants do still uphold a dress code so if you’re planning to dine-out afterwards, consider freshening up. A light and airy dress is your best option for Jazz Fest, along with a cross body bag, hat and sunglasses. We scouted the boutique owners of Danielle Salisbury of Elle and Trish Bhansali of Lekha wearing their own lines out at the Fairgrounds, so you can definitely find similar looks by shopping with them in person or online (their boutiques are directly across the street from one another on Magazine Street). Pro Tip: Jazz Fest is a rain or shine event, so we would encourage you to pack rain boots or shoes you’re OK with getting muddy, and a rain jacket, too. Whatever you do, don’t wear jeans like my friend did below.


New Orleans Museum of Art

We invented seersucker and white linen, so best to pack both, and a bathing suit, of course. Summer is New Orleans is hot, so always make sure your outfit is comfortable while still stylish.


Bourbon Street New Orleans

For Halloween, we’ll let your imagination run wild. But from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, like with anywhere else, its festive attire, but with a little bit of flare. A quick run to Alligator Eyes Uptown or Trixie’s Burlesque Boutique in the French Quarter should do the trick. December never really seems to be too cold, just the right kind of cold.


My best college friend just spent Mardi Gras with me, and the only thing we really texted about in preparation for her trip were outfits. Everyone wants to have the right thing, fit the local vibe. You will wear your fanciest clothes alongside your most dressed down outfits, while costuming and adding flare. Events vary from luncheons at New Orleans establishments to street parties from Uptown to Downtown. Pack the Fendi and your favorite fanny pack, make sure you have purple, green and gold, a fun head piece, sneakers and heels. Temps vary more so than any other time of year: it can be freezing cold or hot as hell. Pack both just in case.

Shop some looks that we think are perfect for New Orleans below! If you get to town and don’t have what you need, visit one of our Scouted boutiques.