New Orleans Gift Shop: 6 Things Jessica and Jenny of Phina Are Loving

New Orleans Gifts at Phina
Jenny McGuiness and Jessica Woodward of Phina

Phina is the shop in New Orleans for those seeking the perfect gift for any occasion. Founded by sisters Jenny McGuinness and Jessica Woodward, Phina has a warm family atmosphere which has a little to do with its origins. Longtime New Orleanians remember Paradise Lanes, which was their grandfather’s bowling alley at the now Barnes & Noble on Veterans Boulevard. After Barnes & Noble took over, Jenny and Jessica’s parents, Linda & Charlie Dalton opened Paradise Cafe & Gifts next to the bookstore. In 2016, the family decided to close Paradise Cafe & Gifts and reopen as Phina, named after their great-grandmother, Josephine.  

The first Phina location was a family endeavor as Jenny and Jessica’s parents were in the store every day. As Phina evolved, Jenny and Jessica left other jobs to fully immerse themselves allowing their parents an opportunity to step back. However, Linda is still an integral part of the business and Charlie loves to check on the stores regularly. Phina’s presence grew as they opened their second location on Metairie Road in 2018 and third location on Harrison Avenue in Lakeview in 2020. In 2023, Phina acquired The Basketry, which is a gifting business in Luling, Louisiana. This family makes shopping local, friendly, fun and easy, and for that, we are proud to feature Phina in The Scout Guide New Orleans.

Phina is the place where you discover something you didn’t know you needed, along with the perfect happy for your best-friend. Jessica and Jenny are sharing some of their Phina Phavorites, and they hope to see you in store soon. Be sure to tell them scout sent you!

ENewton Jewelry


ENEWTON JEWELRY | People stop us in the streets because they want to know where to get these bracelets. It’s a fun gift because you can add to the collection as each one is sold individually. The quality is amazing and they go with every outfit.


MAGNETIC ME | This has always been a best seller for us because what mom wants to be snapping snaps in the middle of the night?


CORKCICLE GLASS ROCKS | I brought home two and he asked me to bring home another set because he loved them so much. They’re double-walled insulated glasses making them hot and cold ready with easy-grip flat sides.


A PORCELAIN ORCHID | This orchid reminds us of our grandmother, who loved orchids. We carry them in a medium and small size. We love them because it’s the beauty of an orchid without having to take care of a real one.


SWEPP SILICONE WINE GLASS | This caught Taylor’s eye as she spends much of the summer on the Mississippi Coast. Once Jenny let her know that the glasses float, she immediately purchased the glasses and can’t wait to use them.

CORKCICLE COCKTAIL SHAKER | It’s triple-insulated steel (no cold hands) that is leakproof with a built-in strainer and an easy screw on lid. Make martinis at home or on the go!

Visit Phina at one of their three locations:

3717 Veterans Boulevard | 425 Harrison Avenue | 2561 Metairie Road. With a great website and an active social media presence, Phina makes it easy to shop local from afar, too!