Launching Tomorrow: Volume 12 of The Scout Guide New Orleans 

Breaking from our regular On Our Radar programming, we’re thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of Volume 12 of The Scout Guide New Orleans! Tomorrow evening we will unveil this beloved local resource at a private event with our members. Starting this week, you can seek out our new city guide in select locations across town. Stay tuned as we unveil these locations on Wednesday, ensuring you find the guide nearest to you.

Volume 12 is a celebration for various reasons: The cover color, unseen at the national level for quite some time, is bold and beautiful, just like our city. Local photographer Laura Steffan, joins veteran shooter Sara Essex Bradley, to bring a fresh perspective. Explore numerous new retail businesses and discover those reaching significant milestones. The interactive Google Map enhances reader engagement, simplifying the hunt for the best local gems. Plus, our special collaboration with The Basketry offers readers, both near and far, a chance to partake in the celebration with our launch box. Finally, the color story woven through the pagination makes Volume 12 our best edition yet.

Catch more exclusive behind-the-scenes moments on Instagram! Thank you for your love for local and The Scout Guide New Orleans.