A Sensational King Cake Tasting with Patti Constantin

If you ask me, there’s no better way to spend a February afternoon than at a King Cake Tasting with good friends, iced coffee punch, and a variety of that divinely sweet, colorful cake. We recently asked local caterer and (literally) taste-maker extraordinaire, Patti Constantin, to organize a King Cake tasting for us—and wow, did she ever bring a new spin to the affair.

Patti shocked us by pairing her rustic King Cake with some seriously gourmet cheese, fresh fruit, and shiitake mushrooms! This combination was a taste sensation, and it also looked fabulous on a few tiered platters in the garden.

For Patti, the inspiration is dimension. She doesn’t like anything to look or taste flat. We love the element of surprise this pairing introduces too. Nothing says conversation starter like shiitake with a slice of cake. (Don’t worry: The umami flavors from the mushrooms and the earthiness from the cheeses round out the sweetness of the cake in a delightful way, we promise!)

Patti recommends serving an aged Gouda like Roomano Pradera, a decadent triple crème like Brillat Savarin Affine, and something really earthy like Fiore Sardo DOP (which is a type of Pecorino Sardo) with your King Cake. Add a bowl of chocolate-covered almonds (Patti served some with chipotle that were completely addictive) to round out the menu.

Add some bourbon for good measure, and don’t forget to use your beautiful things because this is a lunch worthy of Kings! And I think it would be one everyone will be talking about (and imitating) for the whole season.

PATTI CONSTANTIN, DESIGNS IN CATERING | [email protected] | 504.913.6866

*This article was originally published February 2nd, 2017.