Father's Day Gift Guide: Editors' Picks

Top-down view of a cocktail with a large ice cube and an orange peel garnish on a textured dark surface, illustrating an example found in The Scout Guide.

Our 2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide is here to cater to every dad’s unique tastes and preferences, featuring thoughtful gifts that support local artisans and businesses. Whether he’s the adventurous type, a stylish grandpa, or someone who enjoys the finer things in life, we’ve got you covered. Celebrate dear old dad on June 16th and secure your spot as the favorite child for years to come! We’ve handpicked a selection of our favorite local treasures, each one a perfect gift to make him feel cherished and special.

Jamie’s Picks

Colorful artistic representation of an eagle in flight with handwritten words associated with The Scout Guide's values such as divine vision, perspective, discernment, strength, and capability, emphasizing a sense of guidance and insight.
A square leather coaster with rounded corners and raised edges from The Scout Guide, featuring an embossed tree ring design and the Rustico brand logo on the lower right side.
Navy blue textured zippered pouch with a brown leather patch on the front and a matching wrist strap, embodying a stylish accessory recommended by The Scout Guide.
A poised individual stands confidently by a pool in front of a classic house, embodying the refined lifestyle highlighted by The Scout Guide. Dressed in an elegant white robe, they exude serenity and sophistication.
A hardcover book titled "GOLF COURSES" with the subtitle "FAIRWAYS OF THE WORLD / PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVID CANNON" embossed in gold lettering on its dark green cover, featuring an inset embossed image of a golf course. The design aligns with The Scout Guide's aesthetic of curated elegance and quality.
An elegant whiskey decanter set displayed with two glasses containing amber liquid, placed on black coasters beside a stainless steel ice tong, all arranged in the forefront with a wooden box housing additional accessories and labeled "THE WINE" in the background, embodying a blend of sophistication and the spirit of The Scout Guide's curated lifestyle.

1. Eagle 8×8 Print– Sarah Otts | 2. Engraved Leather Valet Tray– Chapel Farm Collection | 3. Dennis Dopp kit– It’s Inviting | 4. Royal Highnies– East Bay Clothiers | 5. Golf Courses: Fairways Of The World Book– The Holiday | 6. Whiskey Decanter Set with Gift Box– Interwoven Collaborative

Katie’s Picks

A man wearing a light blue, heathered polo shirt featuring a collar, a three-button placket, and a chest pocket with a logo, embodying the casual yet refined spirit of The Scout Guide.
An open wooden box with a collection of elegant cutlery including knives with ivory-colored handles. The interior lid of the box is inscribed with the name "Jean Meron" and the title "Artisan Coutelier depuis 1884," reflecting a heritage of craftsmanship, which aligns with The Scout Guide's celebration of local artisans and high-quality, curated goods.
Beige and white woven fedora hat with a dark brown leather band, featuring a vented crown design, suitable for The Scout Guide's outdoor style essentials.
A tranquil river flows gently through a lush forest, reflecting the soft hues of an overcast sky, encapsulated in a serene painting that echoes the essence of The Scout Guide's exploration of natural beauty.
A man standing against a white background wearing blue paisley patterned swim shorts, perfectly aligning with the relaxed yet stylish ethos The Scout Guide promotes.
Open box displaying a metal clip with a reflective detail, marked with an engraving, resting on a white satin interior, with the word "Légère" printed at the top inside the box. The box is in the foreground with a blurred array of wristwatches visible in the background, evoking an exclusive shopping experience in line with The Scout Guide's emphasis on local luxury and quality.

1. Criquet Performance Players Shirt– 7 South | 2. Ivory Steak Knives – Set of 6– Ivy Cottage | 3. Men’s Tuscany Straw Fedora Hat– Chapel Farm Collection | 4. Karen Lea Sandifer“Deep in the Delta” Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas– Sophiella Gallery | 5. Michael’s Swim Trunks– East Bay Clothiers | 6. Engraved Belt Bucket– Gold Art

Margaret’s Picks

Stemless glass whiskey tumblers with intricate silver stag head embellishments at their base, presented on a wooden tray, suggestive of an elegant selection recommended by The Scout Guide. A bottle and additional decorative items faintly appear in the background.
Close-up of two legs with one wearing a navy blue sock with compass and ruler designs and the words The Scout Guide on it, and the other leg showing a brown leather shoe with orange laces, accompanied by a light gray trouser leg.
A painted acrylic sculpture of a dog standing, featuring The Scout Guide's theme of exploring and discovering local scenery and businesses.
A black Luminox wristwatch with a gold-tone dial, marked numerals, a date display at the 3 o'clock position, and a black rubber strap. The watch also features a rotating bezel and is labeled as water-resistant up to 100 meters. The Scout Guide may consider this timepiece a stylish and functional accessory for outdoor activities.
A dark brown leather wallet with a money clip visible on the front, holding U.S. dollar bills, features an embossed brand logo and a circular emblem stating "1856," symbolizing a fusion of classic style and functionality, inspired by The Scout Guide's ethos of timeless quality and craftsmanship.
A beige fabric garment bag with brown vertical stripes featuring metal handles and a leather patch, evoking an aesthetic suitable for The Scout Guide readers seeking stylish travel accessories.

1. St. Anton Pewter and Glass Tumbler– The Holiday | 2. Hunting Socks– Interwoven Collaborative | 3. Acrylic Dog– It’s Inviting | 4. Luminox Watch – Gold Art | 5. Orvis Shotshell Money Clip– 7 South | 6. Travel Bag– Chapel Farm Collection

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