Whole-Body Care Under One Roof With Sundara Wellness

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When it comes to one’s health and wellness, The Scout Guide understands the importance of getting high quality care. That’s why we’re so excited to highlight Sundara Wellness Center, located in the heart of Midtown Memphis. 

Sundara is more than just a health center. It’s a community of healthcare experts that work together to create dynamic, holistic, and collaborative solutions. Having multiple disciplines under one roof affords a unique experience that ensures you get the care you deserve. They take pride in working from a mind and body approach that is also completely tailored to your needs and struggles. No matter where you are on your journey, their specialized team of experts will guarantee you the best possible support. 

One of the most important values at Sundara is that everyone is worthy and deserving of care. Regardless of what health concern or impairment you may have, Sundara focuses on listening and meeting you where you’re at. Their wide variety of offerings include Acupuncture, Nutrition Counseling, Pelvic Floor Therapy, Primary Care with a holistic nurse practitioner, Health Coaching, Massage Therapy, Esthetics, Reiki, and functional movement. 

Continue reading to learn more about all of the amazing services that Sundara has to offer.

Sundara’s Services 

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture 

A woman performs an acupuncture treatment on a patient lying face down on a massage table, as part of a wellness feature for The Scout Guide.

Candace Billings, the owner of Sundara, along with her colleague Jessica Puckett specialize in the practice of Classical Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. This is a complete, stand-alone and holistic medical model that can aid any ailment you may see a Western trained family doctor for. Through the practice of using herbs, acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle advice – Chinese Medicine can address whatever issues you may be facing. Candace focuses on women’s health, fertility, prenatal and postpartum care, digestive and endocrine disorders, fatigue, and emotional health. In addition, Jessica specializes in pain, orthopedics, cosmetics, and allergies. She has an amazing new treatment for allergies called SAAT or Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment.    

Family Nurse Practitioner

In addition, Sundara now has two on-site Family Nurse Practitioners that can provide holistic solutions for wellness, treat patients for acute visits, as well as holistic cosmetic treatment. Rachel Hornish has extensive experience in multiple disciplines such as cardiovascular intensive care and four years specializing in general, cosmetic, and surgical dermatology. Her mission focuses on addressing underlying imbalances, alleviating symptoms, and cultivating a foundation for vibrant health and vitality in each individual she serves. 

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Sarah Pulliam is their second FNP on site at Sundara. She has been in the medical field for over a decade now. She became a certified FNP through the AANP in 2016 and worked in urgent care for a short while before beginning a career in endocrinology. In her eight years of endocrinology, Sarah developed a passion for treating PCOS, managing women’s hormones, treating thyroid conditions – as well as overall health. Sarah has a love for finding the root cause of health issues and treating patients holistically. 

Functional Nutrition and Health Coaching

As you might have noticed, a well-rounded and full length approach is used for all services at Sundara. This includes health coaching as well. Sundara’s dietician takes a functional approach to treatment and works to find root causes, optimize gut health, and uses small manageable steps that lead to lasting changes. The focus is more on helping you build a healthy relationship with food so that habits can be more easily formed. In addition, you will walk away with skills such as grocery shopping, recipe development, and meal planning. 

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Sundara’s team understands that each individual’s skin is unique and desires specialized care. Therefore, all of their esthetic services take the same unique approach of providing personalized solutions. Not to mention, they value clean beauty – as in using the cleanest and most natural products on the market. Your safety is a top priority for the team, so they utilize products that are free of harmful toxins and chemicals. 


Within the skin care and esthetics services, Sundara has some pretty unique offerings. For example, they provide PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Facial) which is the process of taking your own blood, and concentrating the platelets in the plasma. This is then used for a facial that helps to reduce wrinkles, heal scar tissue, and promote healing. 


Aesthetic professional performing a skincare treatment on a client lying down, using a specialized device on the client's forehead, exemplifying a service one might find when exploring beauty and wellness options in The Scout Guide.

Additionally, Sundara offers Microneedling services. Microneedling uses small, sterilized needles to create controlled micro-punctures to the skin, which in turn causes the body to create new collagen. It is effective in treating acne scars and stretch marks and leaves you with brighter, firmer skin. 

Microneedling can also be paired with PRP for an even more beneficial effect. It’s a potent combination that can help accelerate your treatment. 

Massage Therapy

There are also multiple options for Massage Therapy at Sundara. Whether you’re looking to relax, reduce soreness, or really loosen up your body, they have a service to match. Sessions can range from an hour and all the way up to two hours. Sundara additionally offers therapeutic massage, deep tissue, prenatal, hot stone, and ashiatsu. 

Ashiatsu, also known as barefoot massage, is where the practitioner uses overhead support beams and is able to “walk” on the body to stretch and apply pressure in very unique and therapeutic ways.

Reiki and Pilates

Sundara does an amazing job of working with the body to help activate natural healing pathways that rejuvenate and restore. One of these unique processes is through Japanese energy work called Reiki. Reiki cleanses and balances the energy system in the body. As a result, the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms strengthen, helping to establish optimum health.

Movement is also medicine, and Sundara has a Pilates studio to do just that. It’s a full body workout that improves flexibility, strength, and balance. They offer classes for people of all experiences, whether you’re a beginner or advanced. Even better is that all of the mats or equipment are provided for you at the studio! The studio also has private sessions available with their dedicated instructor. To book your class, click here.

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Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy can be beneficial for a variety of issues. Some of which may include pelvic pain, issues postpartum, urinary issues, and much more. Sundara is partnered with MOJO Pelvic Health to provide a high level service right inside the studio.

How to Book an Appt at Sundara 

As you can see, Sundara has a wide array of offerings that can help you look, feel, move, and operate as your best self. Getting set up with Sundara is an easy process. All you have to do is decide which service you would like to try out first and book an appointment with the practitioner. 

You can find all of their services here