Friday Favorites: Serene Workspaces

tsg-desks-McAlpine-ATL-Bountiful-OfficeThroughout the year—but during the busy holiday season in particular—having a well-composed command center is a must. We all require a place where we can sit down and focus, whether the matter in need of attention is a creative exercise or a tedious to-do list, and to us, the ideal space is exemplified by the above workspace by Atlanta’s McAlpine Booth & Ferrier: serene, semi-secluded, and stimulating.

tsg-desks-annecoyleWe love a good bulletin board (TSG HQ is filled with pushpinned inspiration!), so when we spotted this light-filled space by Chicago’s Anne Coyle Interiors we had to pause to appreciate it, along with the Emmy statue in the corner.

tsg-blueprint-dallas-collinsPlenty of natural light, clean lines, and a neutral palette punctuated by cheerful yellow tulips make this space by Dallas-based Blue Print parent design company Collins Interiors feel both energized and well organized. Just imagine what could be accomplished in this type of environment!

tsg-blueprint-pic-42How beautiful is this calming scene, also by Collins Interiors? Tucked into an alcove and bathed in light, the white, grey, and lucite setup might be our dream desk.


Situating a desk in a spot with access to fresh air and an abundance of sunlight makes perfect sense. After all, every creative endeavor is enhanced by a beautiful view, and this room, by Minneapolis-based Lucy Interior Design, has a great one.

tsg-desks-nancy-priceThis space by Jackson, Mississippi-based Nancy Price Interiors has all of the elements necessary for a few productive hours: a comfortable chair, well organized desk accessories, a large window, and a comfortable monogrammed stool that can double as a footrest.

tsg-desks-sutroA solid desk set at a diagonal in a project by San Francisco’s Sutro Architects shows how a small space can be creatively transformed into the perfect corner in which to accomplish tasks.  The cool greys and contemporary vibe are so soothing, we could easily spend an afternoon in this enclave.