Everyone Can Use The Scout Guide Lubbock - Here's How!

The Scout Guide Lubbock is a celebration of the people behind some of the most exceptional local businesses in our community, and it’s designed to benefit everyone who picks up a copy!

Here’s how you can use The Scout Guide to connect more deeply with Scouted businesses, and more importantly, how you can support them. In short, it’s a refresher on how to utilize your Guide!

Businesses Who Are In The Scout Guide

  • Email Your Customers: Invite them to stop in for their complimentary copy.
  • Post On Social Media: Tell your followers that ‘Scout is Out’ and that you have been featured.
  • Connect with The Scout Guide: Join TSG online through Facebook, Instagram, and blogs.
  • Mail A Copy to Clients: Send a copy of the Guide to your clients along with a handwritten note.
  • Give Guides to Customers: Include the Guide in shipments or in shopping bags.
  • Bookmark Your Spread: Use a TSG bookmark to mark your spread and place it prominently in-store.
  • Tout Your Scouted Status: Post the ‘We’ve Been Scouted’ image or cling digitally and in-store.
  • Distribute Guides at Events: Offer Guides to guests or patrons of events you host or sponsor.
  • Get Creative: Use the Guides in lieu of or in addition to business cards as one idea.

Businesses Who Aren’t In The Scout Guide (Yet)

  • Show Support: Show support for your city by making the Guide available to your customers. They’ll love it!

& Everyone Else!

  • Keep It Local: When you spend your money at Scouted businesses, you’re making a personal investment in your neighborhood and community.
  • Share The Love: Have a new neighbor? Our city guides can help everyone find the experts and experiences they’re seeking.

Refer A Friend: Word of mouth matters. When you have a positive experience with a Scouted business, tell your friends and family about them!