Not sure what to get Dad for Father’s Day?? Check out a few of our picks below!

Alt text: A visual layout for The Scout Guide's Lexington Father's Day Gift Guide featuring five curated items. Item 1 is a Mac & Clay baseball hat, 2 is a Keeneland Mercantile pen with an elegant design, 3 is a Lucia's World Emporium magnifying glass with a leather case, 4 is Peggy's Weekender Bag in brown suede with tan accents, and 5 is a Keeneland Mercantile money clip wallet crafted in brown leather. The text "Scout Out & About" is elegantly written above the selection of gifts.

For any Dad…

These essential Father’s Day gifts were scouted from Mac & Clay, Keeneland Mercantile, Lucia’s World Emporium, and Peggy’s Gifts & Accessories!


Mac & Clay Hat

Keeneland Mercantile Pen

Lucia’s World Emporium Magnifying Glass

Peggy’s Weekender Bag

Keeneland Mercantile Money Clip Wallet

A collage showcasing five curated gift ideas from The Scout Guide for a chef or grill master, featuring 1) a Bourbon Cookbook from Keeneland Shop with an image of its cover depicting a man in front of a brick wall, 2) a Carbon Steel Skillet from Keeneland Mercantile, 3) a tin of Bourbon Smoked Spice Blend from Keeneland Mercantile, 4) a Bicycle Pizza Cutter from Lucia's World Emporium, and 5) a BBQ Care Kit from Peggy's, all laid out against a light background with elegant script at the top reading "Scout Out & About TSG Lexington's Father's Day Gift Guide: Gifts for the Chef/Grill Master."

For the Chef/Grill Master…

These foodie gifts were scouted from Keeneland Shop, Keeneland Mercantile, Lucia’s World Emporium, and Peggy’s Gifts and Accessories!


Keeneland Shop Bourbon Cookbook

Keeneland Mercantile Carbon Steel Skillet

Keeneland Mercantile Bourbon Smoked Spice Blend

Lucia’s World Emporium Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Peggy’s BBQ Care Kit

Alt text: A curated collection of gifts for the Kentucky fan, featured in The Scout Guide's Father's Day Gift Guide. The selection includes a basketball print from Keeneland Mercantile with the text "Spring, Summer, Fall, College Basketball", a colorful Rupp Arena Print also from Keeneland Mercantile, a Swig brand blue skinny can cooler from Peggy's, a casual white hat with a blue 'K' emblem from Keeneland Shop, and stylish basketball-themed socks from Mac & Clay. The layout is well-organized, demonstrating an ideal gifting suite for enthusiasts of The Scout Guide.

For the Kentucky Fan…

These Big Blue Nation-inspired gifts were scouted from Keeneland Mercantile, Keeneland Shop, Peggy’s Gifts and Accessories, and Mac & Clay!


Keeneland Mercantile Basketball Print

Keeneland Mercantile Rupp Arena Print

Keeneland Shop Hat

Peggy’s Skinny Can Cooler

Mac & Clay Basketball Socks

Alt text: A collage for The Scout Guide, showcasing a selection of Father's Day gift ideas for the outdoorsman. The items include an 'Explorer Multi-Tool' from Peggy's, a vintage-style compass from Lucia's World Emporium, theme-printed socks from Peggy's, and a sturdy pair of waterproof leather boots from Mac & Clay. Each gift is numbered and positioned against a neutral background with the heading "Scout Out & About - TSG Lexington’s Father’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts for the Outdoorsman."

For the Outdoorsman…

These outdoorsy gifts were scouted from Peggy’s Gifts and Accessories, Lucia’s World Emporium, and Mac & Clay!


Peggy’s Multi-Tool

Lucia’s World Emporium Compass

Peggy’s Socks

Mac & Clay Boots

Alt text: A promotional image from The Scout Guide showcasing a collection of Father's Day gifts for the golfer. The image includes a blue golf shirt from Mac & Clay, a colorful putter cover from Keeneland Shop, a sneaker cleaning kit from Peggy's, and a pair of beige golf shorts with a patterned belt from Mac & Clay. The words "Scout Out & About TSG Lexington's Father's Day Gift Guide: Gifts for the Golfer" are prominently displayed at the top of the image.

For the Golfer..

These golf-inspired gifts were scouted from Mac & Clay, Keeneland Shop, and Peggy’s Gifts and Accessories!


Mac & Clay Shirt

Keeneland Shop Putter Cover

Peggy’s Sneaker Cleaning Kit

Mac & Clay Shorts