Mother's Day Gift Guide from Our Editor

Discover a handpicked assortment of treasures for mom, ranging from fashionable discoveries to sophisticated home embellishments. Surprise mom with a gift that not only spoils her but also mirrors her unique style and significance. Dive into Stacey Leuliette’s, Editor of The Scout Guide Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, compilation of Mother’s Day delights from a variety of our cherished small businesses below.

A pair of elegant floral earrings with creamy petals and gold-tone accents presented on a white background, reflecting the sophisticated style curated by The Scout Guide.

1. Logan Tay- Shell Hoops

A stack of two light blue decorative books with "JUPITER, FL" and the coordinates "26° 56' N -80° 5' W" on the spine, placed on a wooden round table, associated with The Scout Guide.

2. Tide and Table- City Coordinates Book Set

3. Sea Lustré- Cleo Maxi Dress in Biscayne

Three smiling young boys wearing pink-striped shirts and dark shorts seated on a white couch, lovingly holding and embracing a newborn baby girl adorned in a pink outfit with a floral headband. The joyous siblings radiate warmth and affection, encapsulating family moments that The Scout Guide celebrates.

4. Eve Greendale- Family Photo Session 

5. Kai Lassen- Custom Felt Hat 

6. Blooming Freedom-Orchid Arrangement

A close-up view of a cluster of lush pink roses in full bloom, with delicate petals unfolding amidst a backdrop of green leaves, evoking the essence of The Scout Guide's focus on elegance and natural beauty.

7. White Trail Club-Eustacia 2024 Rose New Release

8. Katie Herman- Country Club Stripe Minky Blanket

Three couples happily dancing in a studio with brick walls, embodying the joy and community spirit featured in The Scout Guide.

9. Fred Astaire- Dance Lessons

10. FUSE- Miele Milk Perfection Lotus white countertop Coffee Maker