THE SCOUT GUIDE - 6 Ways to Use Your Luxury City Guide

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Discover, support, and connect with small businesses nationwide through The Scout Guide. Explore articles introducing Scouted businesses and their stories, complemented by stunning images in our print guides. Dive deeper into your community and learn how to provide essential support to local entrepreneurs.

Shop and support these businesses with your dollars

First, when you shop at scouted businesses, you’re not only putting money into the pockets of hard-working entrepreneurs, but you’re also putting it back into your community. 

Refer a friend to scouted businesses

Likewise, word of mouth matters! When you have a positive experience with a Scouted business, be that a boutique, medical professional, esthetician, or restaurant, tell your friends and family about them.

Plan your next vacation with The Scout Guide

Front of mind, The Scout Guide is the ultimate resource for your travel plans. In more than 90 cities coast to coast, our local editors offer recommendations on where to stay, eat, drink, and play when visiting their city.

Discover thriving small businesses in other cities

The Scout Guide network is wide, introducing you to hard-working entrepreneurs in cities across the country that put their heart and soul into their businesses, offering consumers a unique and personal experience.

Share the guide with friends, family, and neighbors

Next tip,,share the love of The Scout Guide with friends and family! Whether they’re new to a city, settling into college life, or planning a getaway, our resources—from print guides to online directories—are here to help. With expert recommendations spanning from artists to architects, florists to financial planners, and everything in between, we’ve got all your needs covered.

Follow along socially for all things local

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