Finding Your Dream Wedding Photographer @blairworthingtonart

We had a chance to chat with Wedding Photographer, Blair Worthington Parrack, @blairworthingtonart, about her thoughts on picking your dream wedding photographer…..

As a wedding photographer, I am so aware of the importance of what I do. I have held someone’s last hug ever with their grandma in my camera; I have preserved countless memories of wedding days that go by way too fast so that couples will be able to be immediately transported back to their wedding day, whether it’s a year later or 15 years down the road. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping people connect with the right photographer for them–because it’s more important than you think.


Finding the Right Fit

What many people don’t realize is that to get magic out of your photos, you need to find a photographer that you connect with. You and your photographer work together to create those intimate and romantic photos we all want! That process is a lot easier when you’re working with someone you trust, feel safe with, and can make you feel comfortable (and maybe even make you laugh). People remember how they felt in a situation more than any other variable–you want to be working with someone who can roll with any hiccups in the day with a smile, and will effortlessly guide you through posing so you have fun!

Looking Through a Portfolio

As photographers, we put our favorite photos in our portfolio, and it’s so important to look through as a client to evaluate that photographer’s work. It’s even better to see a few recent galleries to see how that photographer approaches different lighting scenarios (outside lighting versus a reception using flash, for example)–just ask, as anyone would be more than happy to give you some examples! The key things to look for are image quality, consistency in editing–of course with different lighting scenarios, not every photo will look identical, but it’s important to look for an overall cohesiveness in editing style and color tone. When it comes to choosing the right photography style, it’s important to consider how you’ll feel over the years looking back at your photos. If you absolutely love a photography trend, then of course go for it; if you value a timeless look, choose that as well. Whatever style you choose, make sure you are picking photographers from their work as a whole, not just a single photo, 


Understanding Packages & Asking the Right Questions

Total transparency is key, and don’t expect that a photographer you’ve worked with in the past or heard about from a friend or family member will be the same across the board. Everyone is different, and it’s important to ask these key questions: how many hours of coverage will I need, how & when can I expect to receive my photos and in what format, are there any additional fees for editing or to download my high-resolution photos, what are your backup systems and how do you ensure you won’t have equipment failure on a wedding day or lose photos, do you provide a second shooter, etc.! Additionally, it’s so important to make sure you’re working with a photographer who puts together a good contract–it protects you both from anything unexpected! 

Working Together 

I’m passionate about high-quality communication throughout the planning process, and would highly encourage any couple looking for a photographer to ask about what to expect in the months leading up to their wedding day (if the photographer doesn’t mention it). Having a clear understanding about how often to expect communication, when to expect a timeline, and tying up any other loose ends before the wedding day will ensure that it’s stress free for you both!

Blair Worthington [email protected]

Blair Worthington Parrack is a Volume 8 Member of The Scout Guide Jackson Hole and is an exceptional photographer and artist living in Alpine, WY with her husband, Dr. Ted Parrack, and her daughter, Avery.