Meet: The Simmons Sisters

Lindsay’s spread as seen in Volume 11. Photo by Gregorio Photography.

Always dreamed of home ownership in Hunt Country? Fantasized about a countryside escape to relax in? The Simmons Sisters dedicate their time, energy and passion for the rolling Virginia countryside to make these dreams achievable. We asked Lindsay Simmons Beale, one-half of The Simmons Sisters, to tell us a little bit about her life in Hunt Country and her role at Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corporation. Look for her in our brand new Volume 11!

TSG: How did you get started in your business here in Hunt Country?

LINDSAY: Our family has been deeply rooted in the real estate lending industry in Virginia for the past 50 years. My mom started in the industry, my oldest sister followed, and I began working as a mortgage loan officer 15 years ago shortly thereafter, partnering up with my oldest sister, Katie Simmons Hickey. We grew up with horses on our property, and I still remember my dad having me walk water buckets up to the barn before school when the pipes would freeze. Our parents instilled in us a philosophy of “work hard and enjoy it, and continue working hard so you can continue enjoying it” from an early age, and they taught us to respect everyone no matter where they came from or what they had. I think this has helped my sister and I to become one of the top mortgage teams in the nation. We love working with everyone from first-time homebuyers to investors to people moving up to their forever home!

Lindsay in her element enjoying some polo in Hunt Country. Photo courtesy Lindsay Simmons Beale.

TSG: What do you love most about living and working in Hunt Country?

LINDSAY: I love working with clients everywhere, but I love Hunt Country specifically as I learn everything about a person during the lending process, and everyone here has a story. It’s such a beautiful, tight-knit community, and I’m lucky to be a part of it. What better place to network with people than in your own backyard at horse shows, spring races, and wineries?

TSG: What is your favorite aspect about your work? 

LINDSAY: I love seeing the architecture, character, and land on the properties I help finance. From smaller homes in town to larger farm properties, it’s always the highlight of the process to see all the different Hunt Country touches people have used to make their homes unique.

Sisters Katie Simmons Hickey and Lindsay Simmons Beale. Photo courtesy The Simmons Sisters.

TSG: What are some recent or new projects, products or services that you or your business offers?

LINDSAY: In today’s higher mortgage rate environment, rate buydowns have become more popular. This is a strategy where the homebuyer or seller pays to reduce the mortgage rate and monthly payment during the first couple years of the loan. This can help make those first years of homeownership more affordable and can provide a cushion to those who want to buy now and refinance later to a lower rate and payment.

TSG: Is there any insider advice you would give to your clients or customers?

LINDSAY: If you’re considering buying, building, renovating, refinancing or taking cash out of a home, talk to a lender sooner rather than later. They can help you get “mortgage-ready” early, which may save you money or eliminate problems later if and when you’re ready to move ahead with your plans.

Lindsay Simmons Beale. Photo courtesy The Simmons Sisters.

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