From Wall Street to Wellness: The Open Sea Institute Vantage

Over Labor Day weekend, we had the pleasure of reconnecting with the brilliant minds behind Open Sea Institute, Dr. Louis Joseph and Denise Joseph!

Open Sea Institute offers telepsychiatric services to maintain the confidentiality, efficiency, and flexibility essential for their accomplished clients, simultaneously supporting them in enhancing their overall vitality and driving positive changes in their lives and areas of influence.

Since January 2023, Open Sea has executed two new exciting ventures.

First and foremost, Open Sea Institute is deepening their ties with the finance community through a partnership with the prestigious Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association!

Fuel by the explosive growth and surge in financial firms in Palm Beach County, the Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association and Open Sea Institute are joining forces to nurture the upward trajectory of this financial hub, now coined “Wall Street South.” 

Open Sea Institute takes immense pride in providing its services to these accomplished finance industry professions and ultra-high net worth investors, an endeavor that reaches these professionals, their families, and the communities with which they interact.

Also of note is the launch of the Meaningful Engagement Program at Open Sea Lodge at Nantahala Water Mountain. Open Sea Institute is pioneering a revolutionary concept they brand, Eco Medicine, a powerful bridge between humanity and the healing embrace of nature.

They have uncovered the perfect sanctuary in the heart of the Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountain Range in the ultra-luxury mountain town of Highlands, North Carolina, a one-hour drive from Asheville Regional Airport and a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Open Sea Lodge at Nantahala Water Mountain is tucked within the beauty of a race, ancient, and federally-protected North American Rainforest, perched amidst the serenity of pristine waters ranging from tranquil pools to rushing currents.

For Open Sea Institute Community Members, attendance at The Lodge presents an opportunity to immerse in the realm of Eco Medicine. What’s even more exciting is that The Lodge affords Open Sea Institute members the opportunity to engage with Dr. Joseph and Denise in person.

Within the serene confines of Open Sea Lodge at Nantahala Water Mountain, clients embark on a journey of healing and introspection. Interventions include, but are not limited to: Biofeedback, Animal-Assisted, Movement-Assisted, Art-Assisted, and Mindfulness Practices.

Read more about Open Sea Lodge at Nantahala Water Mountain here.

With this new ground covered, let’s take a closer look at what makes Open Sea Institute so special!

Dr. Joseph and Denise, armed with their remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to transformation, have established Open Sea Institute as a vanguard in the domain of personal growth. Its profound purpose strikes a deep cord –  nothing less than elevation of global consciousness.

Denise passionately stated, “We believe that we are living in an era ripe and ready for the development of an ethos that will form from looking deep within the human psyche to manifest a new type of consciousness which refuses to operate without conscience.”

A guiding principle of their practice is the theory of the butterfly effect. As Denise so eloquently put it, “We believe in the cumulative and dynamic effect of change in reference to human beings and the systems we create for life. The healthier we are, the better systems we create.”

“The healthier we are, the better systems we create.”  – This statement had a profound effect on us at The Scout Guide. We wholeheartedly share this idea stated by Denise as it perfectly aligns with our beliefs and aspirations.

It’s evident that their approach resonates with those who are already achieving remarkable success as Open Sea Institute serves distinguished clientele – ranging from Fortune 500 executives and professional athletes to serial entrepreneurs and even politicians.

This speaks volumes about the depth of expertise Dr. Joseph and Denise bring, and the profound impact they exert on the lives of very-high profile individuals. They are effectively reaching leaders with great spheres of influence.

Dr. Joseph’s academic journey shines with remarkable achievements, from his Howard Hughes Research at the NIH, his membership in the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society and his Chief Residency and Fellowship in Health Policy at George Washington University. He went on to assume numerous important leadership positions including Chairman of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health in the Mayo Clinic Care Network. His dedication to knowledge and healing is truly inspiring.

Denise’s illustrious educational journey and professional experience, marked by her achievements as an Executive, Lawyer, Master Certified Professional Coach, and her lifelong engagement in medicine, showcase her unwavering dedication to excellence in the field.

Their diverse educational and career background holds significance as Open Sea Institute’s clients seek conversational partners who are accomplished high achievers in their own right. This creates a sense of trust and confidence, allowing clients to feel comfortable confiding in them and trusting the process they provide. 

The harmony of this partnership, the willingness to collaborate, and the ability to create an impact all contribute to a larger societal shift.

Widespread acceptance of the importance of mental health and the availability of various interventions have played a role in reducing the stigma associated with this field of medicine.

However, this hasn’t necessarily translated into achieving the desired outcomes for those seeking help as you may say to yourself – ‘I’ve tried therapy in the past, but it wasn’t all that helpful!’

Open Sea Institute was formed to transform the culture of mediocracy in the mental health care industry back to revolution.

Denise shed light on this by explaining, “At Open Sea, our methods are proprietary and are developed over a period of time based on research, intuition, instinct, and results. They are informed by psychodynamics, biochemistry, eastern philosophy, epigenetics, quantum physics, and an expert grasp on sound medicine.”

Dr. Joseph and Denise are dedicated to fostering profound changes, even for those who are already on their paths to success. Under their guidance they have witness incredible shifts in their client’s lives – from cessation of medication, dietary changes, increased exercise, reduction in disease symptoms, and optimized mental clarity.

“The phenomenon of healthy weight loss and improved blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, thyroid, and heart function is something we see quite regularly in our practice, and it makes us very happy!” shared Denise.

In this world where convenience is paramount, Open Sea Institute emerges as a trailblazer in telehealth services, offering top-tier medical care to clients in the comfort of their homes, offices, or private modes of transportation.  

For high-profile individuals who might be wary of stepping into a psychiatrist’s office, telehealth offers the perfect solution.

Denise emphasized, “Telehealth is convenient, and we did institute the model to aid the productivity of ourselves and our clientele, but our biggest motivator was privacy and stigma.”

How does it work?! Do all clients have the privilege of receiving treatment directly from Dr. Joseph and Denise, or does the institute also collaborate with other specialized psychiatrists and coaches?

Denise clarified, “We do not delegate work to anyone we cannot guarantee will provide the same level of care and results that we provide so we see everyone ourselves.”

Adding a heartwarming touch, Denise shared, “A portion of our proceeds is dedicated to goodwill mental health ventures and research. Dr. Joseph continues to serve populations of the differently-abled and low-income in the American Midwest and Deep South.”

Learn more about Open Sea Institute on their website or check out our previous article featuring Dr. Joseph and Denise Joseph.

Written by TSG Palm Beach Contributing Editor, Jana Piragic.