7 Ways to Celebrate Love

Valentine’s Day comes in varying hues of red—from the pinkish blush of rosé Champagne to the lush burgundy of chocolate, and of course the vermillion-red of the official flower of romance, the rose. It is a holiday that conjures dreams of an enchanting and leisurely candle-lit dinner that leads to the clinking of glasses, slow dances, and long kisses.

Article by The Scout Guide Hamptons Contributing Editor, Annie Falk.

On this special day, I take a pass on the expected. No restaurants for me on this holiday—It is a recipe for stress: a crowded restaurant with staff that will certainly be overwhelmed. More times than not, I have been disappointed with the meal and service, as well as the premium holiday prices.

There are many shades of red, and at least as many ways to celebrate your love.

  1. Plan a Candle-Lit Dinner at Home.
    There is nothing more romantic than a home-cooked meal. It is the ultimate declaration of love. I have done dinner for two and as many as eight. Add a beautiful table setting, candles, and a lush soundtrack for a memorable evening. On the table, include a photo for every year you have been together (or every month if it is a new romance), and do the same for any couples that may be joining you. It is a wonderful way to reminisce.
  2. Schedule a Couple’s Massage.
    Such a wonderful treat for you both! Many spas are happy to arrange a little bubbly, light bites, and chocolates post massage. It is such a decadent feeling to be lounging in your robes, totally relaxed. Make your appointment late in the day so you can enjoy the sunset together, cuddle up, make a toast, and share some chocolate-covered strawberries.
  3. Create a Picnic by the fire.
    Lay out a cozy blanket by the fire to create an intimate picnic. A lovely platter of cheese, fruit, nuts, and chocolates paired with the right wine, a few candles and great music is all you need. The Wine Enthusiast has a fun wine and cheese pairings’ guide.
  4. Set Up a Romantic Movie Night.
    There’s a delicious gourmet popcorn recipe in Hamptons Entertaining and I love to serve it with a crisp white wine and chocolate-covered raisins. A cozy blanket and a romantic movie complete the night. Love is best expressed without an audience.
  5. Have a Game Night.
    Choose games that are fun rather than competitive. I love Twister, especially after a glass of champagne! If your romance is new, choose get-to-know-you trivia games like “Would You Rather?”
  6. Be Spontaneous.
    It is always memorable when you experience something for the first time and when that memory is shared with someone you love it only brings you closer. Have you ever wanted to go to the dog track? How about roller blading? Taking a dance class together is always good for a few laughs. Choose something you have always thought about doing, but never had the time for.
  7. Support a Great Cause.
    In Palm Beach, many residents choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the American Heart Association’s annual gala. Traditionally held in the Versailles ballroom at the iconic Breakers Hotel, where the staff is accustomed to serving five hundred guests, it is always a beautiful evening. A romantic setting, a lovely dinner that will certainly close with a gorgeous and descendant chocolate dessert, lots of dancing, and what can be more romantic than evening gowns and bowties. The best part? The price of a ticket or a table helps spread the love on this special day.

Happy Valentine’s Day! And remember Oscar Wild’s words of wisdom.

“Never love someone who treats you like you’re ordinary.”

Article by The Scout Guide Hamptons Contributing Editor, Annie Falk.
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