Why You Should Consider Boudoir Photography As a Valentine’s Gift

It’s hard to believe but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Step outside of your box and give your partner a gift you’ve never thought of before – boudoir photography! Contrary to popular belief, boudoir photography can be empowering and promotes self-confidence. 

Jenny Taylor Boudoirs believes in capturing photos of women in whatever they feel most confident. Clients can take photos in more than just lingerie. 

You can take photos in a dress, jeans, shirt, your favorite sports jersey, or a turtle neck and jeans. They’ve seen everything and believe in embracing the uniqueness of every woman. 

Jenny Taylor Boudoirs, owned by Jenny Taylor, has been in business for 14 years and will be opening their fourteenth location this year. Jenny has a direct role in every single location to ensure the quality is 6 out of 5 stars and is of the highest caliber.  Her Hamilton County location is located in Carmel in the Turner Jeffrey Building, near Carmel City Center. Carmel is Jenny’s largest studio in the country. We chatted with Jenny to learn more about her business and boudoir photography! 

Q: In what ways does embracing vulnerability in boudoir photography foster a positive self-image and self-love? 

A: As women, we are our hardest critics. When we put ourselves in vulnerable situations, like boudoir photography, and walk through that zone of fear, overcoming it, it’s a beautiful thing. Seeing yourself on the other end of the photoshoot looking so gorgeous and beautiful sparks a unique feeling you’ve never felt before. It’s so powerful and makes you believe you can do anything, no matter what it is. 

Q: How can boudoir photography serve as a form of self-expression and body positivity for individuals of all shapes and sizes? 

A: We all see ourselves in the worst light. No matter what your body shape is, everyone is trying to achieve a level of perfection. Today, we are the best version of ourselves. Embrace the body you have today, it could be different tomorrow. 

Q: What role does the photographer play in creating a comfortable and empowering environment during a boudoir photoshoot? 

A: We only hire female photographers, so the women we work with can feel comfortable. Our photographers go through an extensive training program to make sure their skill level is 6 stars out of 5. We hire women who are grounded and down to earth. We want you to feel you’re being photographed by more of a friend than anyone else. 

Q: Can boudoir photography be a therapeutic outlet for individuals seeking to boost their self-esteem and body confidence? 

A: One million percent. As an owner, I used this company to feel good about myself after exiting a relationship. When you’re going through a hard time in life in general, you can use boudoir photography as a tool to see you’re still beautiful and turn your sad feelings into something more positive.  

Q: How has the perception of boudoir photography evolved, and what does it reveal about changing attitudes toward body image and empowerment?

A: We started this company 14 years ago. Then, the boudoir had the perception of being risqué, a taboo, and a behind-closed-doors thing for fear of judgment from friends & family. Jenny Taylor Boudoirs paved the path of a different experience and misconception by offering sessions for the everyday woman. By allowing women to be photographed in whatever makes them feel beautiful, not just lingerie, we changed the game. Jenny Taylor Boudoirs has helped pave the path of a different boudoir experience across the whole country. 

Q: What are some practical tips for posing to capture natural and flattering images during a boudoir photoshoot? 

A: Chin out & down, hold your stomach in, stand up straight, and put a little curve in your hip! Don’t worry, you do not have to practice all of this before a shoot.  Our photographers will help you with everything from start to end. 

Q: How can individuals overcome nervousness and feel more at ease during their boudoir photoshoot experience? 

A: Make sure you choose a company with safety in mind. It’s so normal to feel nervous, but you want to feel comfortable with who is photographing you. It is one of our top priorities to offer a very personalized experience. Our clients receive a 13-page catalog which includes pointers on where to shop, what to bring, and how to prepare. We also offer a personal assistant and clients can text any time before or after a shoot with questions.

Q: What are common misconceptions about boudoir photoshoots, and how can individuals address them for a positive experience?

A: Throw out anything you’ve ever heard about a boudoir session and create your own experience. Have fun with it more than anything else.  

Q: Tell me about a typical session. 

A: We only offer sessions in our studio. We do not put a timeline on our sessions because we want the client to feel celebrated and beautiful, not rushed. We like to say give yourself at least half the day. The session includes hair and makeup and of course, capturing beautiful photos in clothing you feel most comfortable. We’ve done sessions for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Weddings, Maternity, or Just Because. Whatever you want to celebrate, we are there to make it happen!

To book your photo session, visit Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography’s website.