Hate Getting Dressed? Invest in Closet Confidence!

Two smiling women seated on cushioned benches inside a bright, well-organized closet featuring an array of shoes displayed on white shelves and a collection of color-coordinated clothes hanging neatly, with a window dressed with a patterned valance in the background, as seen in The Scout Guide.

The Designer Organizer and SG Style Collective have partnered to present a comprehensive solution transcending conventional closet organization! Their collaborative approach intertwines Lisa’s art of professional organizing with Stephanie’s unmatched expertise in color, image, and style. (Because nobody wants Lisa giving you style opinions unless you’re highly committed to athleisure every single day!) Read more below to learn more about this unique service!

What is Closet Confidence?

Closet Confidence results from our combined expertise in personal styling and organization. Together, we can cover your wardrobe from head to toe and your closet from wall to wall.

With this luxury service, we will help you determine your wow colors, understand your best clothing silhouettes, and unlock the secret to dressing effortlessly without numerous outfit changes. Your new wardrobe will be highlighted and displayed in your new closet for easy dressing.

Who can benefit from the service, and what are the benefits of using the service?

Any woman who struggles getting ready for anything!

This service was designed to allow busy women to get out the door in the morning or for an event on time, feeling in control, looking put together, and with the boost of confidence every woman deserves.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that your journey from the closet to the outside world is filled with poise, efficiency, and self-assurance. We call it Closet Confidence!

What’s the connection between decluttering and confidence?

We women love to hold onto so many clothes just “in case” — in case we need them, in case we fit in them again one day, in case they come back in style, in case we can pass them down to our daughters, in case our spouse figures out how much they cost.

Once we let go of all that guilt, pressure, and unrealistic hopes rooted deep in our clothing and closets, we feel lighter, more accessible, and more confident.

By ridding our closets of ill-fitting, damaged, and low-quality clothes that fit our old selves, we can celebrate our today selves!

What is the time commitment from the consumer’s side?

For the entire experience, you can expect 1 appointment at Stephanie’s color studio plus 3 appointments in your home over approximately a 3-month.

What is the investment?

$4,750 all-in

Where can our members learn more?

We’ve got all of the juicy details about this service on our websites! Read more here, and remember to let us know that The Scout sent you!