Greeting The Year Of The Sheep

Visions_West_Nine_Francois_Ram1Depending on who you ask, yesterday marked the arrival of either the year of the goat, sheep, or ram in the Chinese zodiac, heralding a year that may be characterized by calm and harmony. Paired with wood as its elemental sign, we could be in for twelve months of creativity and kindness, which, after a somewhat tumultuous year of the horse, sounds most welcome. To celebrate, we sought out sheep and ram-themed inspiration from throughout the TSG network, and our finds, including the above photograph of a ram by Nine Francoise available from Denver’s Visions West gallery, are as endearing and elegant as their spirit animals.


Sheep accents add softness and a sense of serenity to any space. We love the texture that the sheep cushion on a chrome stool brings to the lovely white bath by Northern New Jersey-based Valerie Grant Interiors; the Miami bench in Tibetan lamb, available from Fuller Interiors in Philadelphia, is a wonderful mix of modern and natural elements and can be ordered in any custom size; and the sheepskin available from Charleston’s Eclectic is ideal for adding cushion and comfort¬†to a favorite chair.


A sheepskin-draped chair is perfect for turning a desk tucked into a corner into a cozy nook, as shown in the above project by Savannah’s Rethink Design Studio. Just like the qualities that the ram, goat, and sheep symbolize, the piece adds a gentle peacefulness to a space dedicated to maintaining order.