MEET THE ARTISTS | Spring "Explorations" Show at OYÉ Studios

Images by Emily Bolt Photography

Welcome to OYÉ Studios, a cooperative studio space of insanely talented artists (contemporary, modern, abstract, and more!) ready to inspire you and help you grow your art collection.

Their spring show “Explorations” is Saturday, April 6 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and they invite all to experience the magic of this incredible space. Let’s meet a few of the artists!

Signe and Genna Grushovenko

Image of SIgne and Genna Grushovenko, a married couple who collaborate on contemporary art,  with a special nod to the past

Married since 1999, Signe & Genna’s pieces are a true contemporary collaboration, with a special nod to the past. Genna begins by applying layers of pattern and tone. Signe then selects a vintage photo, draws it with oil pastel atop the abstract, and completes the image with oil color.

In addition, Genna also creates his own abstract pieces. This work explores fluidity and unpredictability by allowing the paint to move and take its own form.

Image of Genna Grushovenko with his contemporary, abstract work of art

Patricia DeLeon

Image of artist Patricia DeLeon with her large abstract painting of stacked bowls

In Patricia’s work, the figure is at the center of a magical and symbolic universe. She works with oils, acrylics, graphite, & gold leaf. Her process fuses the acts of painting and drawing into layered surfaces, suggesting a sense of atmosphere. Her work delves into how the visible and invisible—the material and spiritual—intertwine in human experience.

Rey Alfonso

Image of artist Rey Alfonso with one of his modern, abstract works of art

Born in Cuba, Rey was forced into Castro’s Army at age 16 until he gambled on a chance for freedom. He set out for the United States in a rustic boat that he built himself, ultimately settling in San Francisco where he gained extensive knowledge in metal design and fabrication.

In his work today, Alfonso utilizes his knowledge of pure pigments and fire in his paintings on Baltic birch. He builds color through hundreds of layers, distressing the surface and painting it again. Writings carved and burned into the wood recall the traces of lives and languages left by migrants and immigrants as they move from place to place. The paintings bask in a serenity that recalls his early childhood and his fondness for the brilliant colors, hues, and textures of antique cars and life in Cuba.

Dorothy Shain

Image of artist Dorothy Shain with her contemporary cowboy boots masterpiece

Dorothy is a contemporary artist and entrepreneur creating work that celebrates travel, exploration and experiences.

Dorothy’s mission is to harness her creativity to inspire and uplift others. She wants to take art beyond the canvas and to leave a lasting legacy of impact in her community, and the world. From bikinis to boots, we simply adore her choice in color, composition, and personality!

Christopher Rico

Image of artist Christopher Rico with his large contemporary work of art of painted circles

Though thoroughly abstract, there’s almost always an origin story for each body of contemporary work Christopher produces. Influenced by Japanese performance calligraphy, each drip, each stroke, are visual records of intention. He believes a gesture can tell a story and invoke emotion, and that simplicity is an illusion.  Anyone can paint circles.  But every one of his marks carries a quarter century of practice behind them. Speaking authentically in one’s own voice is something that cannot be duplicated.  

Glory Day Loflin

Image of artist Glory Day Loflin with her bright, contemporary still life painting

Glory’s work is an extension of who she is; a student of life and art. Her practice combines observation of her everyday experiences and constant material investigation. She makes art that brings her joy and keeps her curious. Her hope, in turn, is that her work sparks both joy and curiosity in her collectors. Follow Glory on Instagram and you will be instantly taken by the precision in her process and the beauty in her work as each piece is meticulously unveiled!

Jessica Leitko Fields

Image of artist Jessica Leitko Fields with her abstract still life painting of oranges

Jessica’s attention to detail is unparalleled. She attributes the mix of still life and landscape in her eye-catching, contemporary portfolio to her upbringing in Houston (where things are flat and stripey) and on a Louisiana rice farm (where there are lots of fields!). Jessica loves paint, color, and texture, all of which are clearly reflected in her diverse, abstract collections.

Fun fact: Jessica is typically a teacher by trade, with a special fondness for art history. You see this crop up in her titles from time to time.

Michelle Jardines

Image of artist Michelle Jardines with her contemporary, abstract landscape masterpiece

Michelle Jardines specializes in abstract landscapes. She uses layers to capture spaces and moments that add dynamic depth to her unique landscapes. She works the canvas by painting from the top left to the right side of the canvas and then downward as if writing a letter. Her technique allows the image to evolve and unveil itself as the sky develops and melts into the landscape to complete the painting.

Keith Seitz

Image of Christopher Rico with his abstract line works of art

Keith creates figurative, emotional snapshots influenced by digital communications that surround us in our daily lives.
Reactions to the burned line, the application of paint, and the free gestures of oil pencil are part of his creative process. His current work starts with a no-look, thoughtless line. The line gets refined digitally and brought back into the analog space through pyrography, paint, oil pencil and other mediums. 


OYÉ Studios is located at 37 East Hillcrest Drive in Greenville, S.C.

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