Spring Cleaning Tips from The House of Vacuum’s CEO of Clean

It all started with a friendly competition. “One of my best friends and I sat down one day and decided we wanted to go into business,” explains House of Vacuums CEO of Clean, Cory Hankins. “I wanted to do floor care. He wanted to do IT and networking. We made a pact that we were going to do both businesses for one year and whichever one was most successful at the end would be the one we’d pursue. I made sure I was going to beat him.”

In 2019, Cory and his friend made good on that pact when they bought House of Vacuums. Today he is well-known to thousands of people on social media for his education on cleaning and floor care. 

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So what does Cory, the CEO of clean, recommend for your annual spring cleaning?

“When it comes to general house cleaning, one question I get a lot is, how should I vacuum?” he says. “Some people vacuum and move around their furniture, never picking up furniture or anything. There are other people that flip up their furniture and rugs each time they vacuum.”

Cory says if you’re one of those people who doesn’t pick things up when you vacuum, your spring cleaning should include moving furniture around. Get under the bed and clean out the clutter. Lift the rugs. Pull out the cushions. Clean those drapes, baseboards, blinds, ceiling fans, and window seals. Vacuum your upholstery. 

“A lot of people don’t realize you can vacuum your sofa, your bedding, your mattress,” he explains. “And you really should add that to your spring cleaning list considering the amount of dust and dander than can build up there.”

All of these tasks can be done with the proper vacuum.

But what is the proper or right vacuum for your home?

Cory and his team at House of Vacuums can tell you just that. When you visit their showroom you will see everything from floor care, air care, and central vacuums. They sell several brands of portable vacuums while also offering maintenance and repairs to your current vacuum. On the air care side, you’ll see selection of air filters for homes and commercial buildings.

Speaking of spring cleaning, those air filters are also an important part of spring preparation. With record high pollen counts in North Carolina, the right air filter is crucial to keeping your allergies in check. 

“I always tell customers your air filter has to be a HEPA certified unit,” explains Cory, “but you also want one with a VOC filter. The VOC filters will get rid of volatile organic compounds. The air filters we’re going to sell are highest quality. You’re going to notice an 80 to 90% difference in your home versus not having one at all.”

If you stop by House of Vacuums with questions, you’re definitely going to get answers since education is at the core of everything Cory and his team does. “We are always connecting with people who are tired of wasting money on vacuums that don’t work. We ask the questions and we get them the right vacuum for their home.”

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House of Vacuums welcomes walk-ins, phone calls, and emails. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, and TikTok