Get Creative: Resources That Inspire Scouted Event Experts


We all get mental blocks, even the most creative among us. That’s why we asked Scouted event professionals—including a wedding planning whiz, floral design superstar, and catering hotshot—for their tried and true sources of inspiration. Read on to channel your inner visionary and elevate your next occasion. Want to leave it up to the professionals? Consult The Scout Guide Directory to find a Scouted event expert near you.

Amanda Lankford, owner and designer at Amanda Jewel Floral Design

In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney. “I am a business owner and a woman. Reading the stories in this book are incredibly inspiring because we all have similar struggles, whether it be mom-guilt or a lack of confidence. Discovering how they pushed through a hard time is so rewarding. The book also showcases their studio or atelier and I cannot tell you how inspiring it is to see how unique each one is, surrounding themselves with what they adore. An individual’s atelier is extremely vulnerable and authentic, so to see those in a book captures the essence of that human being’s true self.”

Nature. “I find true inspiration in nature and traveling to different parts of the world. Nature seems to fill my creative cup up by seeing how the moss changes color in different elevations or how the rocks steam after it rains. Being outdoors provides an opportunity for me to see vivid colors and experience what grows from Mother Earth that nothing else can replicate. Traveling to different ecosystems, stepping into the ocean, hiking the Rocky Mountains, watching the leaves fall in Georgia—they’re all uniquely inspiring while teaching us how precious life is.”

Amanda Jewel Floral Design appears in The Scout Guide Bozeman.

Carly Blair, owner and creative director of House of Margot Blair

Weddings by Colin Cowie. “I still own my original copy of Weddings by Colin Cowie, circa 1998. It was such a different time in weddings and the expectations of what constituted high end were still very traditional and cookie cutter—all things that are very different from my work, but still, I love it. It’s fun to open it up to see what styles have stood the test of time. But also, the 90s are back, baby! What bride doesn’t want to look like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy?”

Vogue. “The biggest goal in my work is to create environments that don’t look like what everyone else is doing, but still manage to be of-the-moment and relevant. So while I don’t frequent wedding blogs, I am a fully committed subscriber to anything Vogue does, as I draw a lot of inspiration from seeing what’s new in fashion and what the A-list are doing in their daily lives. Confession: I catch up on Vogue before I read my emails every day.”

House of Margot Blair appears in The Scout Guide Austin.

Caleb Blackerby, founder and CEO of Fitzgerald Hospitality Group

Hotbox by Matt and Ted Lee. “This book is an excellent peek inside the realism of catering by the biggest and most successful of companies in New York City.”

Restaurant Man by Joe Bastianach. “A real look at the food industry and love of food as a whole.”

Catering by Design. “My spirit animal as a catering company. They do everything the right way.”

Tres LA Catering. “The best presentation in the catering industry!”

Fitzgerald Hospitality Group appears in The Scout Guide Hamilton County.

Megan Lentz, founder and lead planner of Vida Events 

All in Good Taste by Kate Spade. “Not only is this bestseller an amazing coffee table book, it has modern day tips and tricks on hosting an incredible party. It’s becoming my favorite go-to.”

Emily Post. “I recently thrifted an old Emily Post copy, and it’s amazing and hilarious how times have changed, but the classics really do hold up.”

@accidentallywesanderson. “Wes Anderson is my all time favorite. A fun, playful outlook on design, travel, and living in a world full of color. It’s a constant source of inspiration.”

Award shows, Fashion shows, Designers. “These are all places to see new trends coming down the line for wardrobe and hosting. You really can find inspiration everywhere.”

Vida Events appears in The Scout Guide Hunt Country.

Meagan Crain, owner, event design and production at Crain and Co. Events

Called to Create by Jordan Raynor. “This is one of my favorite books. For me, it’s a reminder that we were born to be creators and serve others. I have a calling to use my gifts to bring beauty and joy to others.”

Crain and Co. Events appears in The Scout Guide Tucson & Southern Arizona.