How to Design Around a Television

TSG Tip: ML Interiors on designing around a TV

There are times when decorating demands compromises to accommodate function, requiring creative design solutions to suit one’s lifestyle. One such instance is when a television needs to be incorporated into décor—while electronics companies have made impressive strides in high-definition, they have yet to solve for the eyesore that a big black screen creates. Here, interior designer Marisa Lafiosca of Northern New Jersey-based ML Interior Designs offers advice on how to handle this common design conundrum.

Clever ideas for common spaces: “The family room and major hub of any home often presents a design challenge of where to install the TV,” says Lafiosca, noting that many clients are hesitant to mount a television above a beautiful fireplace, since they don’t want a large black screen to interfere with an otherwise lovely focal point. To overcome the issue, Lafiosca suggests disguising the TV as a framed mirror to make it more visually appealing. Another option is to mount a television in a space where it will be surrounded by built-in bookcases and millwork that can distract from the screen. Additionally, a sliding panel—which the client can adorn with a piece of art—can be installed in cabinetry to cover the TV when it’s not in use.

Creative solutions for the kitchen: Many homeowners choose to have a television in the kitchen so they can catch up on the news while sipping coffee or watch cooking shows while prepping meals. In those cases, Lafiosca suggests hiding a TV in a faux cabinet from which it can be lowered by a remote when it’s time to tune in. While this might require sacrificing some shelf space, it will free up real estate on the counter and save you from having to mount a television on your tiled backsplash.

Custom camouflaging in the master suite: Those who wish to have a television in the master bedroom or bath can take heart: Lafiosca says there are ways to have a screen in your sanctuary without cluttering up the space. Tricks she recommends include installing a television in the bedroom ceiling that can be lowered by remote, or having TV-hiding console furniture custom-built and placed at the foot of the bed. In the master bathroom, Lafiosca says mirrors are excellent places in which to camouflage a screen.

TSG Tip 280 from Marisa Lafiosca of ML Interior Designs in Chatham, New Jersey. ML Interior Designs is featured in The Scout Guide Northern New Jersey. Photography by Christian Garibaldi.