Samantha Fisher and The Rexton Project


“I want to help clients craft spaces that are refuges for them in this crazy world,” says Samantha Fisher of Samantha Fisher Interior Design. And in this new normal, Samantha works to cultivate beautiful spaces with her clients – such as “the cutest family with the two cutest babies” at the Rexton project.

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For this lovely couple with a growing family, Samantha emphasized foundational, timeless elements from which to begin the design process. “[The client] was willing to invest in quality, special pieces that would last a lifetime.” This design choice is best seen in the dining room where a substantial table in a natural finish is paired with bright white walls. The approach of emphasizing natural fibers and quality material is just one of the benefits of working with Samantha and her team.


Personally, Samantha loves a classic style with subdued palettes and a touch of Bohemian influence. Her use of texture and pattern, such as the custom window coverings in both the living and kitchen spaces, embodies this design expertise. Ultimately, however, Samantha designs with the principle in mind that “we will eventually walk away from the job, but our clients will live in the space.”


For the Rexton project in particular, Samantha shares, “[The Homeowner] loves color, whimsy and wow! At the beginning, I was dialing her back a bit to ensure her investments were timeless and at the end she was telling me ‘too much.’ [My client] was willing to take risks with me which allowed us to create a unique and engaging space. She had a keen understanding of what she loved stylistically and allowed me to run with that.  She was not caught up in ‘perfection’ but instead wanted a delightful, joyful space.”


 Transformed, the home is full of life and color. From soft coral accent chairs to bold patterned wallpapers influenced by nature, the resulting spaces provide the delightful, joyful refuge both homeowner and designer were working towards.


Photography by Nathan Schroder. Samantha Fisher is featured in The Scout Guide Dallas.

By Brigid Seay