Cofounders’ Note: We’ve Got a New Look

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Photography by Meredith Coe Photography.

Since you’re here, you’ve probably noticed that our website has had a makeover. Twelve years ago we started The Scout Guide to help highlight all the local businesses that make our town so special. Our goal was to give these dynamic places a platform that could help locals and travelers alike get to know the entrepreneurs behind them and  persuade people to support them by shopping locally rather than at big-box stores. 

We never imagined that what began as one guide in Charlottesville, Virginia, would turn into a national franchise brand with more than 80 city guides across the country. As we continue to grow—and with rueful consideration of the Amazonification of life today—we believe more than ever in supporting local merchants and want to be the resource to help you discover and connect with small businesses wherever you go. We hope our enhanced website helps you do just that.

Be sure to check out the Insider Guides on all our city websites to get editors’ pro tips on their towns, as well as our streamlined directory with over 3,500 local business listings nationwide. We hope it’s easier than ever to be inspired and use The Scout Guide to live like a local no matter where you are.

When you shop locally, you’re supporting someone’s dream. With your help, we’re sure to see our network of local businesses thrive and grow. Thanks for joining us on this journey, and be sure to tell them The Scout Guide sent you!

Live. Love. Local. 

Christy Ford and Susie Matheson

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