Skincare Through the Decades

We’re thrilled to welcome Augusta Aesthetics back to The Scout Guide Cincinnati for Volume 7. We tend to think of skincare as a luxury, something that we grow into over time. But skincare is a lifetime commitment, which is something that that the team at Augusta really understands. Your skin is your largest organ and something that you must take care of, no matter your age. Erin Glutz, FNP-C, the founder of Augusta Aesthetics, shares some of her team’s best tips for keeping the skin looking healthy as we age.

Teenage Years

Brush. Rinse. Floss. And Clean!

We know we’re not alone with the other parents out there teaching good hygiene. But it’s not just about brushing teeth and regular showering, but skin care, too. The teenage years can be a doozy when it comes to skincare. Hormones can make acne a real issue and sebum control can be difficult. Erin recommends proper cleansing twice a day, morning and night. Teenagers today are glued to their phones and while we love the extra connectivity, the contact with face to electronic, along with food and environment,  can make keeping the face clean and clear slightly more challenging than it was in our youth. It’s not unusual for our clients to bring their teenagers in to Augusta for treatment. The team is happy to help them set up some self care good habits from an early age. “At this age, it is about keeping the face clean,” explains Erin. She recommends a cleanser with  a gentle AHA or BHA. “The gentle exfoliation in a salicylic or glycolic provides a chemical exfoliation to help keep the skin clear and clean,” she says. The Augusta team regularly books appointments for teens who want to get their skin under control, looking for routines and advice in clearing skin without resorting to pharmaceutical treatments. “We typically start with a Diamond Glow facial for teenagers suffering from acne,” Erin says. “It cleans out the pores, infuses the skin with serum, and gives the skin a deep clean.” She recommends a treatment every two weeks to get the skin under control and the once a month, with the goal of keeping the skin clean and clear avoiding acne scaring. A moisturizer is a must as well, with the goal of keeping the face clean and hydrated without stripping of natural oil. 


Build It Up.

For those just stepping their toes into the skincare pool in their 20s, this is the time to undo sun damage that occurred in the teenage years, as well as the introduction into retinols. The focus is to build up collagen and elastin, which begins to die in the 30s. A focus on the skin should intensity in this decade, with a focus on keeping the dermis leader thick. Erin recommends Skin Better Alto Defense, Vitamin C and E serums and retinol, essentially multivitamins for the face that protect it from environmental pollutants, debris, and dirt. Of course, a good SPF is always essential at any age. “You may feel like you look great now, but without protecting your skin with a good SPF, in twenty years, it will catch up with you,” Erin says. Acne, unfortunately, doesn’t just go away, so Erin and her team recommend Diamond Glow facials to keep the skin clean and clear or one of their Skin Better chemical peels, which offer great results without any gnarly downtime.

You may have heard of “baby Botox,” and the Augusta team certainly does have patients coming to them for toxin injection to keep wrinkles at bay. “We think it is important to stay education and to not overdo it,” Erin says.


Damage Control.

It’s never too late to start a good skincare routine, but this is the decade when people can really start to see the damage they’ve done to their skin in their teens and twenties. Collagen and elastin are in a steady decline at this age and Erin recommends hydrating serums like retinol to stimulate Vitamin C and , as well as hyaluronic acid. She loves the Skin Better line of hyaluronic acid, which is injectable-grade and amazingly plumps up the skin as a topical. For those concerned about volume loss, this is the age to start filler, although always with the goal to not look like you’re “having work done,” Erin cautions. Erin also recommends the use of regular chemical peels and keeping up with botox treatments.


Lift and Tone.

It sounds like an exercise routine, but these are words that pertain to your skin as you approach your 50s and beyond. At this age, the Augusta experts recommend retinol and vitamin C serums, with an additional goal of correcting skin tone. Regular chemical peels will further stimulate collagen and elastin. The religious application of a mineral sunscreen is a mandatory. Erin recommends a mineral sunscreen over a chemical on, which can heat up and bring out melasma. So many moisturizers and foundations have added SPF, but Erin cautions that sun protection is diluted in such products, so if you’re spending time in the sun, don’t think you’re totally protected from a product that also contains SPF. The use of daily moisturizer is equally as important. “As we age, our skin becomes thinner and looses moisture faster, so using moisturizer can repair the skin barrier and prevent trans epidermal water loss.” Many clients, at this age, are back every three to four months for moisturizer and are often beginning to use filler more regularly.


Skin & Hair.

Augusta Aesthetics has their fair share of male clients. Erin likes the opportunity to educate men. “Male skin has an oilier tendency and, with more facial hair, oil gets trapped on the skin. Plus regular shaving can cause razor burn and bumps,” she says. She thinks of shaving as an exfoliation, with a moisturizer as a mandatory to keep their skin hydrated. Some argue that a man with a few wrinkles looks distinguished, perhaps a bit rugged. However, men are starting to think differently about the aging process. More men are coming to Augusta for Botox, regular facials and even fillers, with great results. One particularly concern with her male clients is hair loss. Erin and her team recommend Nutrafol, a hair supplement that is best started before the hair rapidly starts to recede. “Once the follicle comes off, this treatment isn’t as successful,” she explains. She recommends Nutrafol as a treatment starting in the 20s with the first sign of hair loss.

INSIDER TIP: Augusta offers a formulation of Nutrafol for women, too, since pregnancy, post menopause hormonal changes, stress from COVID, and poor gut health can also lead to hair thinning in women

The Augusta Approach

Your Skin. Their Canvas.

Augusta Aesthetic’s goal is to nurture lifelong partnerships with clients with the goal of natural-looking, healthy skin. Erin and her team think of each client’s face as their business card, shining examples of their artistic work and expertise. It is a partnership though, Erin explains. If botox is the car, skincare is your insurance. “You can’t just treat the muscle,” she says, “or everything will eventually begin to show.” Erin thinks of the 80/20 rule when it comes to skincare. It’s 80% of what you do at home. “Think of it like you do your teeth,” she advises. You head to the dentist twice a year, but also brush twice a day. Think of your skincare as the same way with regular at-home cleaning, moisturizing and sun protection. “Your skin is your largest organ,” she explains,” so you need to do more than just wash it.”

Erin and the Augusta Aesthetics team are here to help you with your skin concerns—with specific advise and products that will help you at any age. To make an appointment text or call at 513-914-6062, message them on Instagram, or visit their website to schedule an online. And when you do, be sure to tell them that The Scout Guide sent you.