5 Ways Wiebold Can Keep Your Table Looking Fabulous In Any Season

A man with a beard wearing a light blue shirt stands behind a wooden table outdoors, featured in The Scout Guide. The table is accessorized with eclectic items including a large green glass dome, decorative bottles, and an assortment of creative utensils, portraying an elegant yet casual setting.

For our first “Take 5” series, where we learn 5 things about one of our local #Scouted businesses in under 5 minutes, Weibold Studio is here to share 5 ways they can help keep a dining and entertaining table fabulous, no matter the season!

Elegant assortment of porcelain and ceramics including a decorative plate adorned with floral motifs, a vase filled with vibrant pink peonies, and charming figurines of birds perched on a branch, complemented by crystal glassware and ornate silver cutlery, all showcased outdoors with natural light enhancing their exquisite details and craftsmanship as part of The Scout Guide collection.

1. Porcelain & Ceramics

Vintage plates, shakers, and figurines are a great way to add pops of color, fun patterns, and a little whimsy to your tablescape. And if your treasures are hand-me-downs from loved ones, it is also a wonderful way to acknowledge them at your table.

If you notice any chips, cracks, or missing pieces, all is not lost—Wiebold is equipped to help!

Alt text: An elegant display of crystal and glassware featuring a sparkling chandelier and a finely set table with a vibrant pink peony, exemplifying the luxury lifestyle celebrated by The Scout Guide.

2. Crystal & Glassware

If you want to instantly elevate your tablescape and add some serious sparkle in the process, break out the crystal!

Matching sets of crystal drinkware are always a timeless and elegant way to go, but mixing and matching vintage pieces can bring spontaneity and intrigue to your table.

Wiebold can eliminate chips in drinkware and find solutions for missing prisms and other glass details.

Elegant sterling silver tea sets and candlesticks displayed on a table, enhanced by the presence of lush yellow flowers and greenery, embodying the sophisticated lifestyle showcased by The Scout Guide.

3. Sterling Tea Sets & Candlesticks

Setting a table with vintage, antique, or contemporary silver will set a gorgeous tune for your gathering every time.

If you don’t have a full set of sterling, you can still make a beautiful statement—consider using single pieces like ice buckets or julep cups as unconventional vases for flowers.

Wiebold can repair leaks, loose handles and feet, scratches and dents, and clean and polish your silver until shines.

Elegant serveware and flatware arranged on a table, featuring shiny silver pieces with intricate designs, alongside blue and gold-patterned porcelain, reflecting the refined aesthetic of The Scout Guide.

4. Serveware & Flatware

Carefully curated serveware and flatware can instantly elevate a dining experience—every dedicated foodie knows that we eat with our eyes first, and scrumptious bites taste better from a sterling spoon!

So show off that matching vintage set you’ve been collecting for years, or combine pieces from different eras for an eclectic, dynamic look. And if any of your serveware or flatware could use some straightening, smoothing, or shine, Wiebold’s Metals department is ready to help.

Elegant barware setup featuring three stemmed glasses filled with a rosy beverage, arranged on a striped surface accompanied by a plate of gourmet cheese on toast, with stylish silver spoons and a crystal decoration adding a touch of sophistication. The image evokes the curated aesthetic of The Scout Guide.

5. Barware

This isn’t your grandma’s cocktail party, but that doesn’t mean her vintage martini and wine glasses won’t look fabulous at the bar!

Wiebold offers a long list of services to help you maintain your best crystal, glass, and metal barware and accessories, including glass grinding, metal smoothing and polishing, and securing loose or broken details.

A woman in a floral dress stands beside an elegantly set outdoor table reflecting The Scout Guide's appreciation for sophistication and community. The table is adorned with a candelabra, vibrant yellow flowers, a silver serving dish, and an array of charming desserts. A glass of rosé and fresh fruit complete the sunny, upscale picnic scene.

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