2024 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Alt text: A curated collage of Mother's Day gifts from The Scout Guide, featuring a framed art piece, turquoise earrings, heart-shaped jewelry, a pink woven purse, a candle, a life ring embroidered dish towel, pearl bracelet, a logo with "Shop Scouted Mother's Day" text, a diffuser with blue flower, a clutch with whimsical figures, a throw with lemon prints, a wicker tote, a book on painted interiors, and a book titled "Beautiful" with a garden scene. The background is pink, enhancing the festive and elegant vibe of the collection.

It’s crunch time for Mother’s Day gifts, and finding the perfect gift to express gratitude for the remarkable women in our lives can be a challenge! From jewels galore to home accessories and spring attire, these mother’s day presents from our Chicago’s Scouted boutiques are sure to inspire your gift-choosing endeavor.

Two decorative picture frames featuring blue floral patterns and beveled edges, embodying the elegant aesthetic of The Scout Guide. The frames are designed to hold photographs and include a centered letter "T" against a white background, with the text "Two's Company" and sizing details below the letter.

BATIK: Two’s Company Blue Belle Bone Inlay Frame

A white napkin with an embroidered design resembling a life preserver ring, featuring the words "MOTHER OFF DUTY" in capital letters, integrating motifs commonly found in The Scout Guide.

BATIK: Two’s Company Mother Off Duty Cocktail Napkin

Folded bedding set featuring a botanical design with green and yellow lemon patterns, associated with The Scout Guide aesthetics.

BATIK: ChappyWrap Lemon Blossoms Blanket

Gold necklace with cursive 'bonjour' pendant on a plain white background, embodying The Scout Guide's aesthetic of elegance and simplicity.

GENEVIEVE: Sweet Mama Necklace

Elegant gold chain bracelet with evenly spaced lustrous pearls, exemplifying a refined accessory featured in The Scout Guide.

GENEVIEVE: Gorjana Phoebe Necklace

A luxurious Voluspa scented candle from the Japonica Collection with an Apple Blue Clover fragrance, showcased in an ornate embossed glass jar, evoking the elegant curation of The Scout Guide.

Genevieve: Voluspa Apple Blue Clover Large Candle

A pair of heart-shaped earrings with a pearly sheen, surrounded by a gold-tone frame with decorative spheres, echoing the curated aesthetic of The Scout Guide.

Pyar & Co: Gold Studded Tortoise Heart Earrings

Elegant turquoise teardrop earrings featured in The Scout Guide, with a cascading line of matching gemstones set in a golden frame.

Pyar & Co: Tortoise Statement Earrings

A vibrant pink woven handbag with a textured finish, featuring a secure metallic clasp and matching pink handle connected by silver hardware, presented against a plain background, embodying The Scout Guide's essence of style and uniqueness.

Pyar & Co: Straw Box Purse

A white cosmetic pouch featuring a playful pattern of animated characters in various outdoor scout-related activities such as hiking, fishing, and camping, interspersed with nature motifs like trees and meadows, capturing the spirit of The Scout Guide.

Love, Charlie: Pickleball Pouch

Woven straw tote bag with tan leather handles and detailing, capturing the essence of The Scout Guide's penchant for curated elegance and style.

Love, Charlie: Alfie Straw Tote Bag

Patina Collection: Ricciocaprese Diffuser (in-store only)

An open French door inviting into a chic interior space with green creeping plants overhead, showcasing an elegant setting with a mix of traditional and modern decor as featured in The Scout Guide, highlighting an aesthetic of All-American Decorating and Timeless Style.

Patina Collection: Rizzoli “Beautiful” Book (in-store only)

A hand-painted design featuring birds, butterflies, and an array of flowers with berries intertwined with foliage against a soft blue background, suggestive of The Scout Guide's aesthetic for curated elegance.

Patina Collection: Rizzoli “de Gournay” Book (in-store only)