The Scout Guide Charleston Owner Lisa

Meet Lisa Sherrill & Scottie Akins

Since 2018, Lisa Sherrill and Scottie Akins have been working together as co-editor’s for The Scout Guide Charlotte. With their combined experience and passion for supporting local, they have developed the TSG Charlotte network and helped promote and grow the many entrepreneurs and artisans of the Queen City.

When the opportunity arose to expand their reach to TSG Charleston, they were more than thrilled! Lisa has spent a considerable amount of time in the Low Country and has loved watching the area grow and evolve over the years. She’s has her eye on the Charleston market for some time and is excited to seize the opportunity to elevate TSG Charleston. Currently listed as a #1 city to live in, with the enchanting storefronts on King Street, charming restaurants on Sullivan’s, and the easy lifestyle this coastal enclave affords, Lisa enjoys socializing with friends, cooking, walking her dogs along the beach, and collecting shells while visiting Sullivan’s Island. When Scottie is in town she can be found riding bikes on Folly with her family, catching live music nearby, or enjoying cocktails with friends. Both Lisa and Scottie are excited to be a part of The Scout Guide Charleston’s growth as they fully embrace this thriving and enchanting community.

Lisa & Scottie's Favorite Reasons to Visit

Reason 1

The Southern Hospitality & History. Charleston is a special, unique community with swaying Palmetto trees that welcome you along with the warm hospitality. The city is full of amazing history and culture that invigorates the soul.

Reason 2

The Landmarks. I have to say that crossing over the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge gives me the sense of freedom while looking ahead to the array of church steeples.

Reason 3

The Restaurant Scene. The restaurant scene, including the classic regional she crab soup, is a big draw. There’s nothing better than a lovely meal followed by an evening walk down the charming streets that are scented by the sweet fragrance of blooming jasmine.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  “A big business starts small and behind every small business there’s a story worth knowing.”