Boulder Adventure Guide

With a backyard purpose built for adventure, Boulder is home to many of the country’s top experts in gear selection, trail knowledge, physical training, adventure travel, technical apparel and so much more. This list of exceptional local experts can support you whether you are novice or advanced in any discipline. JUMP TO…

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Fly Fishing | Front Range Anglers

Front Range Anglers anchors the local fly fishing community with a more than 40 year history of technical expertise and guiding experience. Owner Antonio Rodrigues leads adventure trips to every corner of the globe, including Christmas Island, New Zealand, Alaska, Iceland, Cuba, and other amazing destinations. His team of local guides are experts in the best fly fishing near Boulder, and regularly explore Rocky Mountain National Park. Front Range Anglers’ headquarters and flagship retail is located on historic Pearl Street in central Boulder. In our backyard and through their adventure travel program, Front Range Anglers’ guides work with clients from around the globe.

Front Range Anglers: 2344 Pearl Street | 303-494-1375 |

Gravel & Mountain Biking | Sports Garage Cycling

Male and female mountain bike adventure experts riding a trail near Boulder, Colorado.

Sports Garage Cycling began in 1994 as a service shop for Boulder’s enthusiastic young mountain bikers and backcountry skiers. Still in its original location in two World War II era quonset huts, “SG” resides in one of Boulder’s last centrally-located industrial blocks. The shop caters to riders who value technical expertise and high-touch customer service, with the biggest and best mountain bike and gravel bike demo fleet on the front range and a highly acclaimed service department. Led by husband and wife team Brad James and Elorie Slater, Sports Garage Cycling employees love to ride and educate their customers about cutting edge technology. The shop represents fine boutique brands, and the staff is always happy to share riding routes and local trail information.

Sports Garage Cycling: 2705B Spruce Street | 303-473-0033 |

Climbing | Boulder Rock Club

A climbing adventure expert at the Boulder Rock Club climbs in one of the gym's bouldering areas.

The Boulder Rock Club founded the indoor climbing scene in Boulder and was one of the first ten indoor climbing centers in America. The gym remains one of the most important places in the Boulder climbing community, with a commitment to inclusivity, team programming, youth climbing, and an environment that welcomes both beginners and advanced climbers. The Boulder Rock Club is home to many long-time adventure experts, who make it possible to climbers to come to the gym for the knowledge and gear they need to get on the wall during their first visit. BRC youth teams provide supportive environments for young climbers in Boulder, one of America’s epicenters of sport climbing. The gym and their incredible team of coaches, instructors, and route setters provide a very special foundation for climbing adventures.

Boulder Rock Club: 2829 Mapleton | 303-447-2804 |

#vanlife | The Vansmith

An adventure expert from Boulder, Colroado reading a book in the door of his conversation van, parked in the mountains.

Spend much time rolling around the west (or anywhere, for that matter) and it’s easy to see how vans have become an important part of adventure culture. Founder Aaron Haack is both a master van builder and master mechanic with 10+ years’ experience building some of the most beautiful vans on the road. Veteran-owned, the Vansmith built a fantastic team at their facility here in Boulder, with multiple bays dedicated not only to custom Sprinters and Transits, but also to repairs and upgrades. Whether a van is just the vehicle you choose to get to your adventure, or the adventure itself, the experts at The Vansmith outfit their clients with exceptional build options, ranging from DIY van kits to full custom conversion. Our Adventure Guide would not be complete without #vanlife!

The Vansmith: 7209 Valtec Ct. Unit B | 855-826-7684 |

Running & Trail Running | In Motion Running

The founder of In Motion Running in Boulder, Colorado runs on a gravel road with his family.

In Motion Running is more than just a running store; the family-operated business built by storied runner Mark Plaatjes also houses a physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic with more than 30+ years working with professional and amateur running athletes.

In Motion Running: 1880B 30th Street | 720-808-7232 |

Training | Black Lab Sports

Adventure experts in Boulder make a priority of being “adventure-ready”. Having the appropriate gear is important for any adventure, however having a strong, injury-proof body will make every activity more fun and rewarding. Black Lab Sports, a multi-disciplinary facility, accurately describes their location as an “ecosystem for human potential”. This uniquely ‘Boulder’ environment, locally owned by the founders of Black Lab X human tech venture and co-working, draws amateurs and Olympians alike. Their staff of personal trainers work with individuals pursuing a broad variety of active lifestyles in a straightforward and well-equipped gym that features a 50-yard indoor turf field. The coaches and personal trainers at Black Lab Sports are truly the most well-rounded adventure experts in our Guide because they can help you prepare for anything!

Black Lab Sports: 3550 Frontier Avenue | 720-460-0010 |

Women’s Technical Apparel | Krimson Klover

Outdoor apparel in Boulder? Not hard to find. Female-owned outdoor apparel companies founded in Boulder and committed to slow, sustainable fashion? There’s only one: Krimson Klover. An accomplished skier, cyclist, and world traveler, founder Rhonda Swenson launched a brand committed to helping women pursue their passions and built upon five guiding values: women-powered, mountain-inspired, slow fashion, low impact, and big purpose. Krimson Klover designs multi-functional pieces for active women: some of our favorites include sun shirts that cross over from hiking to paddle boarding to fly fishing and luxurious base layers that perform on the slopes in every condition. Their corporate headquarters (a local powerhouse of female adventure experts) are not open to the public, except for sample sales, however they serve up their entire collections, and tons of information about their responsible practices at

Krimson Klover: Find a Store | 303-416-4313 |

Adventure Inspiration | Amundsen Sports

Every adventure, on some level, needs an inspiration; the spark of curiosity that motivates you to try something new, seek a new destination, or learn new skills. Stories play a critically important role in the world of adventure experts, and Boulder is home to many adventure storytellers. Few, however, tell stories like the Boulder born-and-bred team at Amundsen Sports. Amundsen is first and foremost one of the most exciting outdoor apparel and gear brands in Boulder (a city that has rightfully been accused of being the “Rodeo Drive of the outdoor industry”), with a cozy retail outpost in the heart of the city’s cultural center. Built on the legacy of Norwegian Arctic explorer Roald Amundsen, the eponymous brand was introduced to Boulder by young entrepreneurs with the fire for adventure. Explore their amazing product catalog, but do not miss the opportunity to follow their journal for exceptional adventure inspiration.

Amundsen Sports: 2023 17th Street | 720-222-5057 | Amundsen Journal