Tectonic Design Build Transforms Boulder Home into Modern Sanctuary

Tectonic Design Build, based in Boulder, Colorado, has recently completed a stunning renovation project, transforming a dated, Tuscan-style residence into a contemporary oasis tailored to the homeowners’ discerning style.

The Vision: Warmth and Minimalism

From the outset, the homeowners had a clear vision – to create a warm, inviting atmosphere within a minimal and contemporary aesthetic. “They provided us with curated images that showcased their desired look and feel,” explains Lead Designer, Kate King. “Our goal was to incorporate warmer tones and textures while maintaining a clean, uncluttered space.”

Better Utilization of Space

A primary objective for this renovation was to better utilize the existing 3,400 square-foot footprint. “The homeowners didn’t want to add more square footage but rather open up the floor plan for a more seamless flow,” says Kate. As the project progressed during the design phase, the scope expanded to incorporate additional elements to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Tailored Design Process

Tectonic’s approach to design is meticulous and client-focused. “We always begin by truly understanding the client’s style preferences and what design elements draw them in.”. This particular project spanned a year from conception to design completion, longer than their typical 6-12 month timeline, allowing ample time to refine every detail.

Innovative Design Features

One of the most striking aspects of the renovation was the complete redesign of the windows. The team replaced the existing Tuscan-style arched windows with sleek, modern alternatives, flooding the interior with natural light and framing the Mt. Sanitas skyline. Additionally, they removed walls to accommodate an expansive 12 foot island, creating a grand centerpiece for the kitchen.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is always a key consideration throughout their projects. The team prioritized selecting durable, long-lasting materials, such as the heat-resistant, scratch-proof Neolith countertops. “We also followed principles of passive homebuilding and explored ways to divert materials from landfills during the demolition phase,” says CEO & Owner Dylan Ochala.

Collaborative Approach

Open communication and collaboration were paramount throughout the renovation process. Tectonic worked closely with the homeowners, leveraging the latest technology to ensure their vision was accurately translated. “We could showcase the proposed designs and allow them to experience the space before construction began.”

Attention to Detail

From custom-crafted handrails to the execution of intricate design elements, Tectonic Design Build’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of the project. Their experienced project managers adeptly handled subcontractors, ensuring a seamless construction process.

A Legacy Home

Perhaps the most significant testament to the success of this renovation is the homeowners’ profound appreciation for their new living spaces. “They love the warm, cozy vibe of the kitchen and living areas, perfectly blending clean lines with inviting textures,” beams COO & Owner, Kelsie Michelson “We’ve created a true legacy home that will endure for generations to come.”

Tectonic Design Build’s expertise in translating client visions into stunning realities has once again set a new standard for modern, livable design in Boulder. As the firm continues to push boundaries, homeowners can expect transformative spaces that marry functionality with artistic expression.