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Despite Austin’s first mild winter in recent memory—come March—we’re eager for spring, as is Yvette Ruiz of Eden Rose Botanicals. In 2023, Yvette officially translated a lifelong love of gardening into her Austin-based garden and container business. She designs extraordinary container gardens tailored to each home and homeowners discerning taste through a quarterly subscription model. As each season changes, your container garden is refreshed, leaving you with plants that are seasonally appropriate, fresh and healthy.

Where some may feel stumped by the unique growing schedule Texas’ climate offers, Eden Rose Botanicals offers a local perspective and approach to help us with the upkeep of our outdoor plants. Here’s her to-do list now that we’re officially safe from hard freezes until next Winter.


Note Where To Trim Back. Trimming back will help stimulate new growth from your shrubs and flowering perennials. If you didn’t prune your rose shrubs in early February, you can lightly prune them now for shape – but time is of the essence, don’t wait too much longer.

Check Health of Plants. Invest in some pruning sears (a pair of sharp scissors will do, too!) and go to the base of the plant, where stem meets the dirt and give it a good scratch. The stems of the plant should be pliable and firm. If after a small trim your plant shows a green cast on the inside, they are still alive and would benefit from water and fertilization as close to the root as possible. If it flakes off brown, then it’s likely dead.

Feed Your Plants. Fertilize Everything! They need a good meal after being dormant for winter and you want to provide your plants with a healthy diet. An Eden Rose Botanicals favorite is Micro Life. It’s made in Texas by Texans and won’t burn your plants. You can buy it at Barton Springs Nursery.

Think About Your Containers. Your soil should be refreshed every 2-3 years and your plants should be replaced multiple times a year. The climate in Texas is not conducive to most plants living all 4 seasons. It is rare to plant something that will consistently bloom. This is where Yvette and Eden Rose Botanicals can be an excellent local resource. She partners with you to ensure seasonally appropriate flowering plants stay fresh.


Drop-In Container Options: For $150 each quarter—a steal as far as we’re concerned—Yvette will come to your house with drop in plants, already sized, to refresh your front porch or backyard.

Work Out of Your Containers: Prices vary for the custom container options, but you can work on a more a la carte basis and Eden Rose Botanicals can set a schedule to come to your house and work on planting directly into your containers.

To prepare for the big springtime seasonal change, tap Eden Rose Botanicals for garden design needs. Don’t forget to tell her Scout sent you!