The Must-Stop Spots for Local Jewelry Lovers

Coming Soon! Korman Fine Jewelry’s New 30,000 sq. ft. Showroom in Bryker Woods

There’s an exposed outdoor staircase behind a paint store and the best Chinese restaurant in town next door. Up the staircase you’ll find jewelry and vintage designer handbags displayed in a moody purple room where Austin local, Catherine works by hand on each piece of jewelry she sources for Alador Jewelry, a collector’s heaven when it comes to reborn jewels. 

Next, a bit further north in Bryker Woods is a picturesque white boutique with local artists work hanging on the walls. The gifting and wedding registry options are so fabulous they *almost* outweigh the jewels in the case. Emphasis on almost. Behind the desk is Kelsey Leigh Hughes of Kelsey Leigh Fine Jewelry & Gifts. A gemologist with a gift for designing custom engagement rings. 

And last—but certainly not least—is Korman Fine Jewelry. The longstanding jeweler that regularly outperforms national chains in the area, something we LOVE to brag about as a brand that’s livelihood is defending and promoting small and local businesses. With a constant influx of trunk shows, new brands and a soon to be completed 30,000 square foot showroom, owners Larry and Kat Stokes have built what some would call an empire here. Plus, it’s the only licensed place in town to secure the coveted Rolex watch. 

Between the three, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping and securing precious gems that often serve to represent even more precious moments in our lives. Below, we’re sharing a bit more about the local jewelers…as well as 3 of our favorite pieces they have in house right now. 


Alador Jewelry is the brainchild of SCAD graduate, Catherine Sinkule. Sustainability focused, the brand offers restored preloved Jewelry at attainable prices to elevate your jewelry box. Recently, she also began onboarding vintage handbags, like this incredible vintage red Chanel camera bag


Described as “a personal, luxurious, and unforgettable shopping experience”, we couldn’t agree more. Place popping into their Kerbey Lane Village storefront at the top of your must-do list.


Celebrating 50 years of business here locally in Austin, Korman is (and always has been) here to help us “Celebrate Every Day”. Whether big or small, Larry and Kat Stokes and their educated and helpful team is here to assist.