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Eye health is a vital aspect of overall well-being, often overlooked until problems arise. Our eyes are not only windows to the world but also complex organs that require regular care and attention. From maintaining good vision to preventing potential diseases, understanding and prioritizing eye health can significantly impact our quality of life.

To dive deeper into the topic of eye health, we chatted with Dr. Madison Huser, owner at Jackman Eye and our #scouted optometrist over multiple volumes. We delve into the importance of eye health, common concerns, ways your skincare routine might be affecting your eyes, and highlighting the key practices for preserving optimal vision and ocular wellness.

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Q: Could you share some insights when it comes to basic eye health for all ages?

A: When it comes to eye health, regular exams are necessary at all ages. At Jackman Eye, we offer a free infancy exam and then after their first year of life, we recommend an annual appointment every other year until Kindergarten and then every year following until 18 years of age. EVEN if you think your eye health is perfect, and there’s no obvious signs, the interior of the eyes does not have pain receptors and may be experiencing issues without showing any signs.

Q: 3 times prior to Kindergarten seems a bit too often, can you explain?

A: Kids often do not understand what “good” vision is. Since they are learning so much about their surroundings, it’s good to have this tested and ensure they are growing and developing without any issues with their vision.

Q: Can you share more about the clinic? It’s great to know there’s an option from infancy through every stage of life.

A: At Jackman Eye, we see everything from clinical, like Pink Eye, Glaucoma to performing IPL procedures (dry eye) for rosacia and vascular help as it seals the blood vessels around the eyes. Typically, we are able to accept all medical plans.

Q: Let’s talk Women. As we know, women’s hormones, aging, premenopause, etc. can affect our eyes pretty significantly. What do women need to know?

A: A woman’s eye tissue is much more prone to precancerous legions, so we always recommend they wear sunglasses from sunrise to sunset. And when we say sunglasses, we mean optical quality sunglasses! A cheaper sunglass is simply sprayed with UV and not actually effective when it comes to protecting your eyes from harsh sunlight and UV rays.

A: Additionally, women’s eyes are affected by hormones and estrogen. The most common complaint is that it leads to dry eyes and at times, migraines. We recommend making an appointment if you’re suffering from either symptom.

Q: You mentioned optical quality sunglasses…do you have any favorite brands?

A: Yes, there’s a few that are really great. We have a retail store next door to our office where you can pop in and try on and get fitted for high-quality sunglasses that are protective and also stylish.

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Q: The pressure to fight aging is everywhere in our society right now, from the botox, sculptra, lashes and experimental anti-aging technologies, to the day-to-day makeup routines, it’s impossible to ignore. However, are there any risks or things we should be aware of when it comes to protecting our eyes?

A: It may be a bit of a hot take, but lash serums, lash additives and lash extensions are often one of the most harmful treatments as they can easily ruin the glands in your eyes. Retinol can also be harmful if done too close to the eye – opt instead to go with with your retinol and avoid damaging those oil glands near the eye. Additionally, it’s as simple as replacing your makeup. Mascara should be replaced every two to three months, and all of your makeup should be from clean brands.

Q: Maybe the question every Central Texan wants the answer to…but allergies! What’s the cure to the itchy eye we all know well and suffer from for months at a time?

A: First, it’s applying a cold compress. When you use anything cold, it provides reduction to swelling and also Hypochlor spray which is often used as a natural anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. The other tip is to buy Pataday (over the counter eye drops) and artifical tears and place them in the fridge. By doing so, you double down on the drops + cold to fight itchiness and inflammation.

About Jackman Eye: Jackman Eye was founded by the late Dr. Jackman where he cared for patients for almost 40 years. Second only to his wife and daughters was the love that he had for his patients and work family. In 2014, the practice was acquired by Dr. Madison Huser. She is licensed as a Therapeutic Optometrist and Optometric Glaucoma specialist. A native Texan, she graduated from The University of Texas in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and earned her Doctor of Optometry degree from The University of Houston in May 2012. Dr. Huser completed internships in pediatrics, low vision and ocular disease. Dr. Huser made Jackman Eye her home in 2014 and has since devoted her time to studying myopia management with a special interest in orthokeratology.

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