The Story Behind the Sweets

The smell of cookies fills the air as you walk in Two Moms’ Kitchen. The array of cookies and cakes in the display case makes your mouth water. That’s not even to mention the ready-to-go homemade casseroles that fill the freezer. 

Maggie Douglas, owner of Two Moms’ Kitchen, has always loved to cook and bake as she was busy raising her family. Her love of baking comes from her grandparents who owned a flour mill in Tennessee that produced Velvo flour.  “My grandmother baked a lot and made great biscuits, and I enjoyed that,” she says. “I love to experiment with recipes and make my own recipes.” Therefore, after working as a nurse for many years, she decided to make a change and started Two Moms’ Cookies, now known as Two Moms’ Kitchen.

Those beautiful cookies and cakes don’t just show up in the display case without a little sweat and tears.  The iced cookies are a two-day production process while the regular cookies can be available the next day if ordering ahead of time. Many of the ingredients are special order and cannot be found in the grocery store. In fact, the almond flavoring for the iced cookies has to be ordered from France! The flour Maggie uses has a lot of protein in it, and her butter has to have a certain percentage of water to get the cookies just right. If you overbeat the eggs, they will go flat, and the weather outside can affect the outcome as well. “It’s a science – it really is a science,” she adds. Maggie never went to culinary school and says she just had to learn from her mistakes.

As for what these sweets are used for, the possibilities are endless. She says the most popular requests, in addition to major holidays, are for baby showers, retirement parties, birthday parties, wedding guest gift bags, corporate company logo cookies, football tailgates, medical functions, etc. The casseroles are great for new moms, to bring to someone who may be ill or who has lost a loved one, or just for that busy parent who needs a quick casserole to feed the family. 

Two Moms’ opened approximately 13 years ago and has been at their current location on Central Avenue for nine years. As for the future, Maggie has big plans to change the business model in January, hoping to move into the space next door. Two Moms’ will still offer cookies, cakes and casseroles but will only be open for pickup Wednesday through Friday for special orders. And here’s a teaser – there may be a cookbook one day soon. The future sure looks sweet for Two Moms’ Kitchen!