Professional Skin Care Tips For Skin Care Awareness Month

It’s not a coincidence that September is Skin Care Awareness Month as summer can be so very hard on
our skin health. Here are some helpful tips from the team at Harpe Laser and Wellness to help you get
glowing, healthy skin.

Woman applying skin product to her face while smiling
Photography by Anastasiia Photography 

Have your skin checked by a professional

We’ve had our summer fun, now it’s time to take stock of our skin health. Broken capillaries, blotchy skin, fine wrinkles, loose skin and actinic keratoses (raised sunspots that can seem wart like) can all develop from sun exposure. Make a note of any new dark spots or moles, changes in moles, and even cuts or bruises that won’t heal as these can be early signs of skin cancer. An annual visit to have your skin examined by a professional is a great idea to optimize skin health and stay ahead of unhealthy skin conditions that can accelerate or develop during summer.

Apply your sunblock every day whether you are inside or out

Sun damage is a leading cause of aging and is linked to skin cancer. It is a lot easier to prevent premature aging than to address it later. Think SPF, sunglasses and a hat when needed. Finding a sunblock that you love to wear and agrees with your skin type will make all the difference in your desire to wear it daily. Even as the temperatures cool off, the UV rays are still just as harmful, especially the UVA rays that penetrate deeply into the skin leading to premature wrinkles and skin cancer. If you are sensitive to sunscreen, consider mineral based sunscreen or “physical sun protection”. Mineral sunscreen is better at blocking the “silent aging” blue light coming from our digital devices like our laptops and phones. This powerful light penetrates more deeply than sunlight, and creates free radicals that attack skin cells leading to premature aging. So, make sure to wear your SPF daily even if you are not obviously in the sun or outdoors, and remember to reapply especially if you have been perspiring.

Nourish your skin inside and out, with antioxidants for a nice healthy glow

To protect your skin from environmental damage, apply a topical antioxidant serum with C and E every morning. Look for quality products that ensure good vitamin absorption and skin delivery for best results. If used consistently, these topical antioxidant serums can help brighten skin, even skin tone and stimulate collagen. Nutritionally, we can do a lot to boost our skin health. Antioxidants and healthy fats from fruits, nuts and vegetables, especially those high in Zinc and vitamins A, C and E will all help feed your skin health from the inside and boost your inner glow.

Avoid dry skin – make sure to hydrate and moisturize daily

Cooler weather and indoor heat can have us lathering layers of product just to avoid skin dryness and irritation. However, more does not always equal more. Layering too many products, or the wrong products, can cause irritation and skin congestion. To avoid irritated and dehydrated skin, make sure you stay hydrated and that you are using the correct cleanser and moisturizer for your skin type. Drinking half of our body’s weight in ounces a day of water or other non-caffeinated drink, will not only help you feel more energized but also help your body and skin function at their best. Depending on your skin type, the right moisturizer will make all the difference. For instance, if you suffer from sensitive, thin and dry skin, you may have a compromised skin barrier. Moisturizers with ceramides and fatty acids are great to help restore the skin barrier for smoother, more supple skin that can retain moisture better.

Maximize Your Beauty Sleep

Our skin is our largest organ and will show signs of inflammation that is happening within. We have all felt the effects of poor sleep on our mental and physical function. But poor sleep raises cortisol, a stress hormone that causes inflammation and premature aging. This can show up on your skin as well with increased redness and sensitivity, dryness, skin laxity, acne breakouts, under eye puffiness, and that tired look we see in the mirror. A clean silk pillowcase is also helpful to help minimize the creasing and wrinkles that can happen when we spend hours every night lying on our face. Better sleep also helps us manage stress, and that is also good for our bodies and complexion.

This article was written by Harpe Laser & Wellness.