Get to Know | Tina Little of Stone Ashe Vineyard

Get to know Tina Little, owner of Stone Ashe Vineyard, a boutique winery dedicated to crafting exceptional wines. With a passion for viticulture and a commitment to sustainable practices, Tina oversees every aspect of the winemaking process, ensuring quality and authenticity in every bottle. Check her favorite LOCAL things do and more!

Man in a green vest leaning against a brown leather couch with a women in a cream silk blouse standing next to him. Each are holding a glass of wine in a wine bar.
Get to Know Stone Ashe Vineyard
Image by Anastasiia Photography

What are 2 things you never leave the house without?

Currently, my cell phone and chargeable hand-warmers.

What is “your” song?

Rolling in the Deep by Adele.

Do you have any bad habits?

I’m admittedly guilty of not prying myself away from work. There is a sense of always needing to do something when owning a vineyard. Between the tasting room, vineyard, and future projects, there is always something rewarding on the horizon.

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Sancerre, France.

What is your favorite LOCAL thing to do when you have guests from out of town?

A day well spent for any guest would involve time at any of the 7 wonderful vineyards within our AVA followed by dinner on Main St. or 7th Ave. in Hendersonville!