Celebrating Small Business Month

We’re honored to celebrate small businesses year-round, but during Small Business Month, we want to shine an extra spotlight on them. Shopping small means directly supporting our neighbors and community members, and that’s incredibly meaningful to us. We’re grateful to be part of this community and to play a role in supporting local.

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Celebrating Small Business Month

We reached out to our scouted businesses to hear what owning a business means to them. Here’s what they had to say:

Marthaler Jewelers

Depends on what day you ask! It is the biggest leap of faith…seriously, there are some big challenges, but huge rewards. It consumes days and nights, but the success of the business allows us to give back in ways that we never dreamed, something that we are so thankful to be able to do. We have met people and seen some awesome places that we might not have otherwise been able to experience. When we make a decision, we make it with the commitment to be great stewards of the blessing of having a business that we can pass to our son, that hopefully he can use to also give back.

Tonya Marthaler
Marthaler Jewelers | @marthalerjewelers

Susan Chancey Interiors

At Susan Chancey Interiors, being a small business owner is more than just a title—it’s a lifestyle. We craft exquisite, bespoke living spaces that embody sophistication and flair. Each project is a new canvas, where luxury meets creativity. Our passion for unique design fuels our commitment to excellence, ensuring every detail is perfect. Join us in celebrating the art of fine interiors and the personalized touch only a dedicated team like ours can provide.

Susan Chancey
Susan Chancey Interiors | @susanchanceyinteriors

Allard + Roberts Interior Design

I love being a small business owner in Asheville! It means I can give back to the community that has supported our business growth, by creating jobs for others in the creative field of interior design, while providing a high end service.

As local designers, we also refer a lot of work to builders, tradespeople, makers and artists in the Carolinas. We focus on selecting regionally crafted furniture and decor for our clients, ensuring our client’s investment back into the local community. Our clients receive regional custom work, and the community is supported. It’s a win-win for all!

Talli Roberts
Allard + Roberts Interior Design | @allardandroberts

Spicer Greene Jewelers

Owning a small business means that we have a unique opportunity to celebrate life’s special moments with our patrons across WNC! It’s a daily opportunity to fulfill our mission and passion! We are also able to give back to the community that has supported us in so many ways over the past century of being WNC’s favorite jeweler!

Eva-Michelle Spicer
Spicer Greene Jewelers | @spicergreene

Hazel Twenty + Lex Twenty

Autonomy. I appreciate the freedom to be creative. I like to take risks and explore the boundaries of what interests me and what may be interesting to others without limitations. Its also my favorite way to spend time in each of the two cities I love- Asheville, NC and Charleston, SC.

Lexi DiYeso
Hazel Twenty + Lex Twenty | @hazeltwenty + @lextwentymenswear

828 Dental

Our success as a small business is measured by the satisfaction of our patients as we help them achieve optimal oral health.

Cameron Swift
828 Dental | @828dental

Rachael McIntosh Photography

It means everything! Working my own hours, having creative freedom, choosing what, when and how! It’s not always easy, but truthfully, if it’s not, then I only have myself to blame.

Rachael McIntosh
Rachael McIntosh Photography | @rachaelmcintoshphotography

Owning a small business means to me that I can provide quality goods and services to my community. Build lifelong relationships with staff, clients and people in my industry. It is also very rewarding to go visit a clients home or a business that we provided product and services for and see how beautiful the finished project looks.

Kristie Spino
Christie’s Lighting Gallery | @christieslightinggallery

Cheers to May and celebrating Small Businesses all year-round!