7 Things Our Tulsa Editor Is Loving Right Now

Photography by Chloe Reed Sokolosky.

​​As advocates for small businesses, The Scout Guide editors are continually scouting their communities for local finds to share and celebrate. With their fingers on the pulse, they are also excellent sources of unique recommendations. Recently, we caught up with The Scout Guide Tulsa, Oklahoma, editor Hannah Arnaud to find out what she’s really excited about these days. Here, she shares a few of her current obsessions, from her latest Netflix binge to the red wine she’ll be sipping all winter long.

1. What I’m Decorating With


A Loom and Co. Rug | “I’m expecting my third baby in January so I’m trying to freshen up the nursery. I’ve been eyeing this beautiful Loom and Co. rug. It’s neutral and timeless so I can easily move it to another space in the future.”

2. What I’m Doing

Dressing my girls in Honey Bows | “I’m obsessed with dressing my girls in Honey Bows Bamboo pajamas. They are the softest, butteriest material and handcrafted in Tulsa. I just bought the new holly ones for the holidays and I might just have to get another set for each of them.”

3. What I’m Drinking

wine bottle

Bookbinder Cabernet Sauvignon | “The cooler temperatures always make me excited for red wine. I’m obviously abstaining until my baby arrives, but this Scout and Cellar Cabernet is my all-time favorite and I can’t wait to pour it come January. It’s rich, plush, and best of all, it doesn’t give me a headache the next morning.”

4. What I’m Watching

Beckham on Netflix | “I’m currently addicted to Beckham on Netflix. I’ve loved learning more about one of our time’s iconic couples who are both so talented in their craft. I’ve been binging it while looking for inspiration for our volume seven photo shoots.”

5. What Im Wearing


Ugg Tazz Braid Slippers from J. Cole Shoes | “Who isn’t buying Uggs this time of year? I love these new Ugg Tazz Braid slippers from J. Cole Shoes. They are so soft and I’ll probably be wearing them outside of the house just as much as inside.”

6. What I’m Using

Pumpkin Rum Cake Candle from Tulsa Candle Co. | “My Pumpkin Rum Cake candle from Tulsa Candle Co. is constantly burning right now. It smells so yummy and is the perfect fall home accessory.”

7. What I’m Coveting


Mahjong Lilac Playing Tiles from Willamina | “You’re truly not cool right now if you’re not playing mahjong. Kidding obviously, but I’m trying to learn so I can be on trend and play with all my chicest friends. I’m putting this darling lilac playing tiles kit from Willamina on my Christmas list. Maybe having my own set will force me to get better!”

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