Work It: Desks That Get the Job Done

While certain tasks will always prove to be tedious, having an inspiring workspace in which to perform them can make a big difference. Whether you work at home or simply need a designated space to spend a couple of hours each week catching up on your correspondence, having an aesthetically pleasing and well thought out office area like the one above by Debbie Blair of Washington, D.C.’s Kellogg Collection can make sitting at a desk feel like a respite, rather than an obligation.

Chicago-based interior design firm Sarah Whit is behind the inspiring workspace above. The combination of neutral hues, a calming blue wall color, ample natural light, and a clean-lined glass and chrome table to reflect it all back make it a bright and beautiful mix of form and function. 

Yet again, soothing blue walls and a glass-topped table anchor a sophisticated office area, this time in a project by Denver’s Nadia Watts. The traditional chair and eye-catching table legs add interest, we love the personal touches flanking the computer screen (desks should always hold elements that make us happy, in addition to the necessary objects).

As Alexandria, Virginia-based Stuart Nordin Design shows, even if dedicating an entire room to a desk is out of the question, you can still have a space that serves as your personal command center. Tucked into a nook, the above desk seamlessly fits into the design, and thanks to the bright and modern pattern of the chair and three sleek sconces it feels anything but stodgy.

Fresh, bright, and wonderfully calming, this home office space by Collins Interiors—one of the parent design companies to the Dallas-based home store Blue Print—is a delightful mix of traditional and modern styles. Who wouldn’t want to spend time in here? 

The above desk scene comes courtesy of Greenwich, Connecticut-based interior design firm and home furnishings store Lillian August, and incorporates a number of elements we love: blue-and-white, a stylish slipcover, fresh flowers, and animal-themed artwork (full disclosure: a zebra adorns a wall in the TSG Editorial office as well). We imagine feeling very creative and inspired in this elegant and eclectic mix.

Last but not least, Birmingham’s AG Interior Design brings us the above partners desks—and proves that symmetry and simplicity can be the best approach. Accented by a beautiful work of art, whimsical white lamp, flowers, and a single framed photograph, the workspace takes full advantage of the natural light and leaves everything else up to the imagination of the inhabitants. 

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