What We're Making: A Delicious, Equestrian-Themed Drink

What We're Making: A Delicious Equestrian Themed Cocktail

There is much to appreciate about equestrian-themed events: the animals, which always inspire us with their beauty, power, and elegance; the style, which is unfailingly classic and impeccably tailored; and, of course, the cocktails, which tend to be refreshingly straightforward—delicious in their simplicity and unabashedly potent. The Horse’s Neck, a concoction created by Asheville, North Carolina’s Capella on 9 in honor of the World Equestrian Games currently taking place in Tryon, North Carolina, is no exception. While best enjoyed where it originated on the 9th floor of the AC Hotel in downtown Asheville overlooking the mountains, we recommend making it at home to sip while unwinding after a long week or serve during your next sporting event viewing party. Here’s how to mix your own:

The Horse’s Neck


2 ounces whiskey (Capella on 9 recommends locally made H&H)
2 ounces ginger beer
Angostura Bitters
Lemon, for garnish


Pour the whiskey over ice in a tall glass, top with ginger beer and a few dashes of bitters. Garnish off with a large twist of lemon.

Recipe courtesy of Capella on 9 in Asheville, North Carolina. Capella on 9 is featured in The Scout Guide Asheville.