What to Wear During an Aspen Getaway

Deciding to plan a winter getaway to Aspen is easy—it’s packing for a trip to the chic-yet-casual Colorado town that can give one pause. While it’s not fancy, Aspen caters to a decidedly fashionable set, and striking the perfect balance between comfort and style can be a bit perplexing. To help those heading to the town pull off the cozy-cosmopolitan look that locals have mastered, we asked Suzi Johnson, creator of the luxury knitwear line Souchi—and owner of the expertly curated boutique that bears the same name—to share five go-to outfits for a trip to her city, plus where to wear them. From an ideal ensemble for a morning stroll to what to wear to a low-key cocktail lounge, here’s what one of Aspen’s most stylish women recommends sporting during your stay.

Left: Traveling to Aspen. “In the winter getting to Aspen can mean a long flight and weather delays, so comfort is key,” Suzi says, before quickly adding, “But no sweats!” Proving that there are plenty of comfortable options that are cool and stylish, she recommends: Closed Denim pedal x slim fit jeans in slate grey, South Parade “Je t’aime weekend” sweatshirt, Enzo Costa fitted ribbed tank, Souchi cashmere bobble beret, Laura Siegel leather jacket, Cindy Kirk “Ruby” clutch, Freda Salvador wit brogues

Right: Morning walk along the Rio Grande and shopping. “Yes, it’s chilly, but you’re going to Aspen, not Miami, and the sounds and views are worth it,” Suzi says about starting your day with an easy stroll. Afterwards, she recommends a trip to the museum followed by shopping. “Check out Elliott Yeary Gallery for the baubles, Souchi (of course), Kemo Sabe for a custom hat, and Cos Bar for some extra moisturizer for your hands and lips. End the day with cocktails at J-Bar at the Hotel Jerome.” Layer up in: Closed Denim pedal star jeans, Enzo Costa cashmere cuffed crew, Souchi ombre cardigan, Wolf Circus matchstick earrings, Krewe Conti “Interstellar” sunglasses, Kaanas San Rafael stars sneakers, Cindy Kirk “Susie” bag, De Palma Mon Senor leather belt.

Dinner and drinks at Cache Cache. Suzi recommends starting the day with yoga (she suggests visiting the beautiful Shakti Shala studio, which is about to transition to a new space; TSG Aspen Editor Brooke Casillas recommends 02 as another option if you’re looking to feel centered first-thing). Enjoy skiing or sight-seeing, then have dinner at what Suzi describes as a “must-visit,” French-American restaurant Cache Cache, where she always kicks off dinner with the frisee salad with duck egg and a glass of champagne. “After dinner, move to the bar for some great people-watching,” she advises. Look chic at Cache Cache in: Day by Birger et Mikkelsen leather pants, Souchi Piper cashmere fringe tank, Souchi cashmere fringe poncho, Wolf Circus “Farrah” knot necklace, Wanderlust + Co. omega bar bangle, Lizzie Fortunato Opera Clutch, Freda Salvador booties.

Left: Drinks at Hooch and dinner at La Creperie. “After a day on the mountain, hit the hot tub or sauna, then shower and get back to town for some mountain energy,” Suzi says. First stop: cocktails at “Hooch, where she loves the spicy margarita and “low-key, ‘speak easy’ vibe.” Next, head over to La Creperie for some high-calorie deliciousness. “Order a delicious bottle of wine and enjoy this charming and romantic restaurant,” Suzi says, adding that menu highlights include the chevre chaud and lamb cannelloni. Enjoy the mountain vibe in: Fred sexy straight jeans, Souchi one-shoulder cashmere top, Rawtus pink leather jacket, Freda Salvador rose gold booties, Souchi “Tricia” head scarf, Wolf Circus gold “Alice” necklace, Cindy Kirk “Pouch Plus” bag.

Right: An evening at Pine Creek Cookhouse. “This is an Aspen must-do,” Suzi says. “Sled in, ski in, or drive in. It’s delicious, beautiful, and will truly capture the spirit of Aspen all in one evening.” At the restaurant, which is located at the base of the Elk Mountain Range, Suzi recommends sampling the elk and lamb. Dine in style in: Closed Denim pedal star jeans, Sula silk camisole, Souchi Nicholson cardigan, Souchi variegated wrap, Souchi “Tricia” head scarf, Freda Salvador rose gold booties.

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Photography by Brooke Casillas.